Sunday, 23 November 2014

Letter 13

24 November 2014

Thank you for letting your child bring in their favourite kind of fruits to school to show and share with their friends.  We had a great time observing different kinds of fruits, and tasting them.  Many of us took the risk of trying new kinds of fruits.  Although we did not eat it, we still put it in our mouths or just licked it.  If we liked the taste, we ate it; and if we didn’t, we just put it aside.  On the other hand our fruit lovers had a wonderful time eating up the fruits.  Our hands were out to receive a new piece of fruit all the time.  Among the fruits we tasted were watermelon, grapes, apple, banana, and oranges.  We discovered that some fruits were sweet while others were sour.  We also observed the shapes of the fruits.  Oranges were round while the starfruit had a star shape.  In addition we observed the inside and the outside of fruits.  We saw that there were seeds inside and that the colour inside a fruit could be different from the outside.  For example, we saw that a watermelon was green on the outside, but red on the inside.  We also discovered that we cannot eat the peel of all kinds of fruits.  In cooking we used fruits of different colours to make our colourful fruit salad.  We learned how to peel a banana, and cut it into small pieces.  We also squeezed oranges to make orange juice.  We were fascinated by the juicer.   We had to push hard to squeeze the juice out of the orange.  Some of us asked to squeeze several oranges.  In Music class, we used the fruit and vegetable shakers to shake and make music.  We learned a new song called “apples and bananas”.  Although we tried to change the words to the song by coming up with new kinds of fruits, we stuck to apples and bananas!

This week we will be talking about energy giving food such as rice, pasta and bread.
                                                                                   Best Regards, 
                                                                                   Ms. Marizon

Letter 12

17 November 2014
Dear Parents,
We spent the whole week of last week looking at different kinds of vegetables.  We looked at green vegetables, and vegetables that come in other colours; vegetables that grow above the ground and vegetables that grow under the ground.  According to the children, all vegetables are green, and so we were quite surprised to learn that vegetables can also be yellow, red, orange or even purple.  We learned that vegetables can have different names.  We looked at broccoli, cucumber, corn, peas, cabbage, okra, green beans, and so on.  Thank you for sending in some of your child’s favourite vegetable for his/her friend to see and taste.  The vegetable we loved the most was cucumber. 
After looking at different kinds of vegetables, we got to cook them.  Although it was just one pot of vegetable soup, it took us the whole morning to make it.  We used the scissors to cut the green beans, and leak into small pieces and used the plastic knife to cut tomatoes and boiled carrots.  When we had enough vegetables for our soup we boiled it. 
In the art centre, we printed many kinds of vegetables on to paper.  We printed out green vegetables on one day, and vegetables of other colours on other days.  We saw that different kinds of vegetables can produce different kinds of prints.  Then we used real corn to roll on paper.  It was fun.  We will be using our vegetable prints to make a picture of a vegetable garden on the board so as to continue our discussions on vegetables. 
This week we will be talking about fruits.  Please send in a small portion of your child’s favourite fruit to let your child show and tell his/her friends about it. 

Christmas Costume
For our Christmas show this year we will be acting as snowflakes.  Please prepare a white costume for your child.  A plain white t-shirt with white trousers or skirt will be the best.    The costume should be sent in by the end of November or early December so that we can attach the snowflake that the children will be making onto your child’s costume.

                                                                                      Best Regards,
                                                                                      Ms. Marizon 

Monday, 10 November 2014

Letter 11

10 November 2014

Dear Parents,

          Last week, we started to talk about body building food such as milk and eggs.  First we talked about milk.  We learned that the cow gives us white milk and we should drink white milk because it makes us strong, and is good for our teeth.  (Also the cows will be very sad if we don’t drink white milk!)  Milking the cow was quite a difficult task.  We had to pull and squeeze the cow’s udder and make the milk squirt into the bucket.  Pictures of us milking the cow and our buckets of milk will be displayed on the board in front of our classroom.  We then read a story called “It Looked Like Spilt Milk” and made our spilt milk art which are now on the board inside the classroom.  If you would like to know what we thought our spilt milk looked like, please drop in to see the pictures.  Later on in the week we learned about eggs.  We learned that we can get eggs from chickens, ducks, and birds.  We compared chicken egg to quail egg and observed that chicken eggs were big and quail eggs were small.  We also practiced sorting big and small eggs.  In Cooking, we made egg sandwiches.  We tried to peel the shell off the egg.  It was hard, but we tried our best.  Some of us only had half an egg left!  We all loved the egg cutter.  We tried to manipulate the cutter so as to make the egg split into pieces.  We also made designs on our hard boiled eggs and dyed them in food colouring.  It was so exciting to see our eggs change colours.  During circle time we sang “Humpty Dumpty” and associated Humpty Dumpty with an egg.  We then made a picture of Humpty Dumpty sitting on the wall.   We practiced drawing lines to make the wall. 
As the 6th of November was Loy Kratong day, we had a chance to make our kratongs from different kinds of leaves and flowers.  We tried hard to stick the branches and candles.  When we saw the candles, some of us immediately sang “Happy Birthday.”  So we talked about the importance of water and why we celebrate Loy Kratong.   
          This week we will talk about vegetables.  We will be discussing and tasting different types of vegetables the whole week.  Please let your child bring in a small portion of his/her favourite vegetable to show and share with his/her friends.  It will also be Science Day at Charter on Tuesday, and we will be exploring some science concepts in our class in the KG class.    
                                                                   Best Regards,

                                                                   Ms. Marizon

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Letter 10

3 November 2014
Dear Parents,
           The children looked really lovely in their costumes for our Super Hero     celebration on Friday.  We had a Spiderman, Superman, Batman, Elza, and so on.  They all had a great time showing off their costumes to one another.  Thank you very much for all the food that you had brought for our Super Hero party.  The children got to try different kinds of healthy food.  Being a day out of the normal routine, some of us certainly showed that they would like you to be closed to you while we walked in our Super Hero parade or participated in our Early Years assembly.  However, after we were back in the classroom, everybody comfortably fell back into our regular routine.
             As part of our Super Hero week, last week we focused our discussions on different Super Heroes.  We talked about the abilities of different Super Hero, and did different actions.  We could follow the directions well.  We spun our bodies around when we were Spiderman, pretended to fly when we were Batman and arch our backs when we were Catwoman.  During the week we focused most of our discussions on Spiderman as we tied in the topic on spiders.  We looked at pictures of spiders, and saw that spiders can spin spider webs.  So in the art centre we made spider webs with marbles.  We had to dip the marble in white paint, dropped it on the tray and tilted the tray this and that way.  For adults it might look easy, but for children, we certainly had to try hard to figure out how to move our hands to make the marble move in different directions.  Together as a group, we also made big spider webs to put on our door.  We rolled the ball of wool from one person to another, and by the time we finished rolling, we made a big spider web.  To be Super Heroes, we also need to be healthy.  We sorted pictures of things that we could eat and could not eat.   Then we talked about food that would help us grow big and strong.
            To continue with being healthy, this week, we will start to talk about food.  The first kind of food that we will be talking about will be about eggs and milk.  We will be looking at different kinds of eggs and how we can cook them.  We will also be talking about where we can get eggs and milk.

Best Regards,
                                                                                                              Ms. Marizon