Sunday, 12 June 2016

Letter 33

          13 June 2016
Dear Parents,
                   Time has certainly passed by very quickly this term, and we are now approaching the end of the school year.  Many events will be coming up this week and next week.
Last week we spent our time making our craft piece which will be on display this Wednesday afternoon, Thursday and Friday.  Although our craft piece may not look big, but it took us the whole week to make. We used several art techniques to make our craft piece.  First we painted, then we did blow painting by blowing paint with a straw.  (It was certainly quite hard for some of us, who then opted to tilt the paint instead.)  After the paint was dry we made a collage of fish from sequins.  Last of all we played with pulp and made 3D sculptures from pulp which we had to put in the sun to dry before it could be painted.  We all worked very hard to make our art piece and we hope that you will like it. 
                   As this week is also our end of year assembly, last week we spent every day practicing our performance to show you.  As mentioned to some parents, please be reminded that the children in Pre-Nursery and Nursery are still very young.  Being on stage is a huge step for them, and one can never really tell what will happen on stage that day.  As routine is very important for children, please act like it is a normal day this Friday.  Please arrive at school no later than 8.30.  Drop your child off and go wait in the auditorium. The teachers will be taking the children into the classroom to get changed, and a short circle time before taking them up to the auditorium in the front building.  Hopefully, we will only have smiles that morning. 

End of Year Activities
Art Exhibition
Wednesday 15 –
Friday 17 June
Wednesday 14.30 – Friday 14.30
End of Year Performance
Friday 17 June
Nursery Sports Day
Tuesday 21 June
End of Year Party
Thursday 23 June

          For Nursery Sports Day, it will be held at the football field near the canteen. The children will be playing some games together and it should last no longer than one hour.  Parents are welcome to come and cheer.  Please let your child wear a t-shirt of red or blue according to their team as follow:
Red Team
Tenryu, Nuu Imm, Tyra, Klins, Achi, Panno, Mida, Alice
Blue Team
Sky, Ryan, Baiboon, Hong Kong, Finn, Prom, Inchon

As for the end of year party, it will be a party for the children to play together, have fun and say good-bye to their friends before the summer break.  I will be putting up a sign-up sheet in front of the classroom for you to sign-up for the kind of food that you would like to bring to the party.  If you have any questions about the activities, please feel free to ask me. 

                                                                                      Best Regards,

                                                                                      Ms. Marizon

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Letter 32

6 June 2016
Dear Parents,
          As the weather has changed and it has been raining quite a lot, we will be looking at the weather on that day whether we will be having water play or not.  So if your child can swim, please just send in a swimsuit and towel on Mondays and Thursdays, and we will look at the weather on that day. If the weather is not good, we may switch to another day or skip water play for that day.    
          Last week we started to talk about the mall and shops in the mall.  We looked at pictures of malls that are not too far from the school.  Some of us recognized them and shouted out the names.  We looked at pictures of the mall and saw that malls are usually big buildings with escalators inside.  We also looked at pictures of shops on the street.  We saw that there are many kinds of shops and that each shop can sell different kinds of products.  The shops we looked at were the toy shop, shoe shop, flower shop, and so on.  We also learned that when we go and buy products from the shops we needed to take some money.  Hence, in the art centre we made a handbag and coins.  In the math centre we practiced counting the coins.  We also pretended to buy and sell things in shops.  For Cooking last week, we made an apple boat to end our discussion on water transportation.  We observed the apple being cut and compared the inside and outside of an apple.  Spreading the peanut butter on the apple was quite a challenging job for most of us as the peanut butter kept slipping off the apple.  On Friday in assembly, we took a sample of all the different boats that we had made and showed them to the other classes.  We all did a great job telling the bigger children the different types of boats.
This week we will continue to talk about shops before talking about the post office and the postman.  As we are now approaching the end of term, we will also be spending time practicing our performance for the end of year show.  Next week will also be our art week, and we will be making crafts for the art week.
Best Regards,


 Ms. Marizon