Monday, 31 October 2016

Letter 9 (2016-17)

October 31, 2016
Dear Parents,
          Welcome back to school.  I hope that all of you had had a restful and joyful time together during the half-term break.  Did you go anywhere special?  This week we have a new friend joining our class.  Please welcome Bota to our Nursery class.
Before the break, we had been looking at energy giving food such as rice, bread, and pasta.  It was a week full of fun activities and delicious food to eat.  First we looked at different kinds of bread.  There were white bread and whole wheat bread.  There were sandwich bread, rolls, croissants, etc.  While observing the bread we couldn’t help but nibble the bread. By the time we knew it, we had finished nearly a whole tray of bread!  We also painted on bread. It was very different from painting on paper.  We had to be careful not to put too much paint (coloured milk) on to our bread. Of course, by the time some of us had finished, there were big holes in our bread, and that’s why it’s called ‘Monster Toast’.  In the art centre, we made a big pizza which was as big as the size of our round table. We took turns adding different ingredients on our pizza. Then we looked at pasta. There were so many kinds of pasta which made it difficult for us to remember all the names. The only name we could really remember was spaghetti. To us, all pasta was spaghetti. We compared cooked, and uncooked pasta and saw that cooked pasta was soft and could be eaten, while uncooked pasta was hard. After observing different shapes of pasta, we dyed the pasta into various colours. We all got to choose the colour that we would like to dye our pasta, and showed lots of interest while we observed the pasta change from its natural yellow colour to pink, green, blue and purple. After the pasta was dried, we threaded the pasta pieces to make a necklace or a bracelet. Some of us enjoyed threading the pasta very much and made several necklaces.  Towards the end of the week we looked at different kinds of rice. We remembered that we usually eat rice at lunch time. We tasted brown rice and said that it was delicious. During Sensory Play, we played with multi-coloured rice.  We also used the rice to make a rice plate art piece.  We had lots of fun sprinkling confetti and mixing our rice with tomato sauce (red paint), and oil (glue). 
This week and next week we will talk about vegetables.  We will start with green vegetables and vegetables that grow above the ground.  Please let your child bring in a small portion of his/her favourite vegetable to show and share with his/her friends.  We will be having a vegetable survey to find out which kind of vegetable that we like the most. 
                                                                             Best Regards,

                                                                             Ms. Marizon

Monday, 17 October 2016

Letter 8 (2016-17)

17 October 2016
Dear Parents,
It was certainly a busy week last week.  First we had a musician come to visit us with his bagpipe.  Although the bagpipe made a very loud noise, it was very interesting for us to hear.  Later on we had our class and individual photos taken.  Although it might look easy, but it certainly wasn’t and it took us quite some time before we could get most of the children to cooperate with the photographer.  These little ones were quite determined not to open up to the photographer, but when they did the photographer could hardly catch up Thank you for sending in the extra set of school uniform.  Today we will be sending back the ones that were not used. 
Last week, we started to talk about our mouth, our tongue, and our teeth.  First we looked at our mouth and its function.  We tried talking with our mouths opened and closed, and to eat with a closed mouth. It was hard. We learned that inside a mouth there is a tongue, gum and teeth.  We talked about the functions of the gum and teeth, and discovered that it would be hard for the teeth to stay straight without the help of the gum.  We then talked about our teeth.  We felt amazed when we tried to chew without using our teeth, and learned that teeth were really important in helping us chew food.  In the math centre we did one-on-one correspondence by placing a tooth on each vacant spot, and counted the teeth, and in Cooking we made “apple teeth” from apple, marshmallows and peanut butter.  During the week, we talked about the importance of taking care of our teeth, and practiced brushing our teeth with a toothbrush and toothpaste.  Later on in the week, we started to talk about our tongue and tasted different kinds of sweets.  Of course we all loved it. 
               This week, we will be discussing and tasting sour and salty food. We will also start to look at different kinds of food.  We will be focusing on bread, rice and pasta.  Just a reminder that next week will be our half-term break for term 1.  School will resume again on Monday 31 October.  It will also be Pippa’s last week at school before her family moves to Switzerland.  We wish them all a safe trip and a happy time there. 
Best Regards,

Ms. Marizon

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Letter 7 (2016-17)

10 October 2016
Dear Parents
Last week we continued to talk about our hands and to explore our sense of touch.  As we were in the process of making animals with different textures for our texture book, we talked about bumpy turtles, rough crocodiles and slippery fish.  To understand these textures, we touched items that were bumpy such as egg cartons and bubble wrap.  We then used the bubble wrap to make the shell for the turtles.  After that we touched items that were smooth and slippery such as plastic sheets, plastic bags and acrylic sticker sheets.  For our fish we stuck shiny scales on its body.  For rough items, we got to touch and explore sand, gravel, sand paper, and more before using the scotchbrite to make our rough crocodiles.  In the art centre we also used items of different textures to make our texture collage which we all had fun creating our collage by sticking these items on the sticky sticker sheet.  During the week we also talked about hand washing, and practiced washing and drying our hands properly.  It was a good practice especially after we played with Goop during Sensory Play and got our hands all covered in slimy flour mixed with water.  Towards the end of the week we talked about our feet.  We came up with ways to move our feet such as walking, kicking, jumping, skipping, etc.  We also practiced putting on and taking off our socks.  Before water play we had fun dancing in paint and made footprints.  We also matched socks of the same colour in the Math centre. 
This week we will be talking about our mouth, tongue and teeth.  We will be talking about their functions and how to take care of our teeth.  Please send in a set of toothbrush and toothpaste for your child to practice brushing their teeth at school.  On Thursday 13 October we will be having our class and individual photos taken.  Please let your child bring in a pair of white socks for our photo shooting.  On Friday 14 October we will have the whole school photo shooting at around 8.20 a.m.  Please arrive at school by 8.15 so that we can all be in the school’s photo.  The school’s photo will be taken in the Sports Hall.  If you do not see us in the classroom, please follow us to the Sports Hall. 

                                                                             Best Regards,

                                                                             Ms. Marizon