Sunday, 14 May 2017

Letter 31 (2016-17)

15 May 2017
Dear Parents,
          As the previous week, we had been talking about rainy days, we continued our discussion with stormy days.  We looked at thunder and lightning and talked about how they happen.  We listened to the sound of thunder and all said that we were scared of thunder.  So, we sang a song called “I Hear Thunder” and played on the drums to make loud noises like thunder.  We had lots of fun playing on the drums.  On Friday for assembly, we sang and played on the drums to show our friends in KG and Reception.  We all did a great job banging on the drums and stopping at the right time when we needed to stop.  Later on, we talked about rainbows as we normally see rainbows after the rain.  We discussed and sang a song about rainbows before making both small and large rainbows. On the large rainbow, we glued different coloured materials to make our rainbows, while on the small one we chose whether to paint with a paintbrush or make fingerprints.
Then, we talked about the night sky.  We compared day sky and night sky and saw that the day sky is bright while the night sky is dark.  We discussed about natural objects that we see at night.  We looked at the stars and saw that on some nights we could see the sky full of stars.  We then made the stars by poking holes on the black paper.  We looked at the black paper against the light and saw the twinkling stars.  We also talked about a constellation of stars. In the Writing centre, we put lots of star stickers on the black paper and drew lines to connect the stars. We then imagined what our constellations looked like.  One of us thought that his constellation looked like a moon while another thought that her constellation looked like mama and papa.       
Image result for pyjama partyThis week, we will continue to discuss night time and talk about things that we do at night, including bed time routines. Next, we will learn about nocturnal animals. To end off our unit on the night sky, we will include a Pyjama Party on Wednesday 17 May.  Each child can come to school in pyjamas and bring in a stuffed sleep toy that morning.
                                                                                                Best Regards,

                                                                                                Ms. Marizon

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