Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Letter 13 (2017-18)

                                                                                                       26 November 2017

Dear Parents,
          Time is certainly moving by quickly and we are now approaching the end of November.  However, it seems that the cool weather hasn’t approached us yet, and it has been quite hot on some days.  Hence, when the children hear the word “water play”, everyone becomes excited and wants to be changed into their swimsuits right away.   
          It was a rather busy week for us last week as we had our photos taken individually, as a class and as a school.  Although there were only eight of us, but with us little people, it certainly took the photographer a long time before he was able to capture our photos.  Some of us were ready to give big smiles while others did not want to give even the tiniest smile.  The photographer really got to exercise as he had to run after some of us who did not want to stop at all. 
          Last week we started to talk about the work of a postman.  We looked at pictures of postmen around the world in uniforms of different colours.  We also saw how hard working postmen were in order to deliver letters and parcels to people.  We saw pictures of postmen working in the sun, the rain and the snow.  We also saw pictures of postmen using different kinds of transportation to deliver letters whether it was by feet, by bicycle, by motorcycle, by truck and even by boat!  In the book centre, we read books about postmen and saw that a postman’s job could be quite dangerous especially with dogs!  In the art centre, we made our postman or postwoman dolls.  We also made a postman’s hat and a letter box.  We will be putting our letter boxes in front of the classroom.  Please write to us.  You can put your letter into our letter boxes.  We will be so thrilled to receive letters from you. 
           Last week we also started our practice for the Christmas concert.  We will be singing and doing actions to a few songs.  So far we have been quite good at doing the actions and have started to sing along. 
          This week we will continue to talk about the postman and will start to make Christmas decorations for our performance and for the classroom.  We will also be practicing our performance with the other classes.  Hopefully, we will not be startled by all the bigger children from the other EY and KS1 classes. 
                                                                                         Best Regards,

                                                                                         Ms. Marizon    


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