Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Letter 26 (2017-18)

2 April 2018
Dear Parents,                 
          This week is Parent-Teacher Conference week.  I have put the sign-up sheet on the door in front of the classroom.  Please sign up in the slot that is most convenient to you.  If the days and time given are not convenient for you, please request for another day or time.
          Last week we talked about ground insects.  We started by talking about ants.  We went out to the garden to look for ants and luckily we found lots of ants that morning.  We found big red ants, small black and brown ants.  We brought a big black ant back to the classroom to observe closely.  When we returned it to the garden, we found a small ant hill which led us into making out ant hill in the art centre.  We found ants to be quite fascinating.  Although they were small they could carry heavy loads.  (On one of our nature walks we even found ants carrying a bee!)  In the math centre, we sorted out big, medium and small ants, and counted the ants’ legs and body parts.  Later on in the week we looked at worms.  We compared caterpillars to worms and saw that caterpillars had legs while worms did not.  While talking about worms, we weaved worm replicas in and out of brown paper as though the worms were moving through soil.  In the discovery centre, we experimented dropping water on rolled up paper towels.  We were so excited when these paper towel worms started to wiggle and expand from short worms to long worms.  Some of us asked to do it over and over again.  In Cooking we made “Worms in the Mud.”  We counted the cookies before we crushed them with the rolling pin.  The most exciting part was when we squirted whipped cream from the can.  Although it was hard, we tried our best to squirt as much whipped cream as possible.  Of course we wanted to eat the gummy worms right away but agreed to keep them in the mud (chocolate pudding) and would search for them while we ate.   
                                                                                                Best Regards,
                                                                                                Ms. Marizon

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