Sunday, 29 April 2018

Letter 28 (2017-18)

30 April 2018
Dear Parents,
          As it was the first week of term three after our Songkran break, we did have tears from some of our new and old friends.  By the end of the week, some of the tears started to disappear, and were replaced by smiles.  It was certainly a week for new students to settle down and adjust to the school environment. 
          Last week, we started our new theme on “Transportation.”  It is certainly a theme enjoyed by all.  In order to introduce the theme, we talked about vehicles we usually see on the roads and the way we come to school in the mornings.  We made a class survey.  Some of us were able to tell how they come to school, while others wanted to choose the type of vehicle they liked.  Some of us said that they walk to school as they focused on the part where they had to walk into the building.  Many of us wanted to choose a vehicle that nobody else had chosen yet.  It was certainly quite interesting to listen to each response.  We then started to talk about land transportation.  We first talked about vehicles without engines.  We looked at pictures of unicycles, bicycles and tricycles, and tried to distinguish the three.  We were all familiar with bicycles, but found unicycles to be quite interesting.  In the math centre, we counted wheels of different vehicles and realised that unicycles only have one wheel, bicycles have two, while tricycles have three and cars have four.  A real bicycle was then brought into the classroom, and we all had fun taking turns riding the bicycle, and looking at the different parts while learning the names and functions of each part.  Some of us even offered rides to our friends.  We then talked about bicycle safety, and why it is important to wear a helmet when we ride a bicycle.  Later on in the week we moved on to other vehicles such as cars, trucks and buses.  We focused on the wheels, and compared vehicles with and without wheels.  We discovered that vehicles needed wheels to be able to move.  We started by looking at things we could see outside a car such as the doors, windows, mirrors, wipers, and lights.  In the art centre, we made “Wheels on the Bus” book.  It was a nice way for us to learn the names and functions of some of the parts found on a car or bus.  We also made tire tracks by dipping the wheels of a toy car in paint and moving it around the paper.  It was fun. During the week, we also went out to look at a real car.  We all had fun taking turns in the driver’s seat pretending to drive the car.  We also got to observe each part closely.
           As this week will be a short week, our discussion this week will be about how to take care of a car and simple road regulations.  Then we will be looking at vehicles traveling on tracks such as trains and trams.   Please be reminded that theis week we will be having a public holiday on Tuesday May 1st for Labour day. 
Best Regards,
                                                                                          Ms. Marizon

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