Sunday, 13 May 2018

Letter 30 (2017-18)

14 May 2018
Dear Parents,
          As term 3 passes by, it is nice to see all our new students settling down.  There has been less tears, more smiles, and all our new students have been participating in all sorts of activities.
          Last week we talked about sky transportation.  We looked at different kinds of sky transportation and how they operate.  First we talked about hot air balloons.  We looked at pictures of hot air balloons, and learned that they did not have engines but floated in the sky with the hot air from the fire being lit.  Although they could not fly as fast as planes, it was one way people used for traveling from place to place before planes were used as the main sky transportation.  In the art centre, we painted our hot air balloons with real balloons.  It was a strange feeling to paint with balloons.  We had to dip the balloon in paint then stamped it on the paper.  We made “boing, boing” sounds when we bounced the balloon up and down on the paper.  Later on in the week, we talked about helicopters.  We talked about the different parts of a helicopter, and pretended to be a helicopter by moving our bodies like one.  We compared helicopters to airplanes, and found that the moved quite differently.  Last of all we talked about airplanes.  We were very excited to talk about airplanes as most of us were accustomed to it or had had the experience to fly on one.  We noticed that there are different types of airplanes such as jet planes, biplanes and sea planes.  We found sea planes to be quite fascinating as they can fly in the sky and float in the water.  During our discussion, some of us noticed that air planes also had wheels and wondered where the wheels disappeared when they flew in the sky.  Hence, we had a long discussion about air planes taking off and landing on the runway.     
                   This week we will be ending our discussion on air transportation by talking about the airport, rockets and spaceships.  We will then move on to talk about water transportation.                                                                    
                                                                                       Best Regards,
                                                                                      Ms. Marizon

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