Sunday, 10 June 2018

Letter 33 (2017-18)

                                      4 June 2018
Dear Parents,
                   It was a rather strange week for the children last week, as there was a day off from school after coming to school for only one day.  When we sang our good-bye song, they were quite surprised when I said “see you on Wednesday” and not “see you tomorrow.” 
                   As a continuation from water transportation, we started to talk about the beach.  We looked at pictures of beaches and discussed what makes a beach to be a beach.  For some of us the word “sea” and “ocean” were new words for us.  We only saw the sea as water.  Hence, it became our discussion about different types of bodies of water whether it is the sea, ocean, river, lake, etc.   It was quite an interesting conversation.  We then talked about things that we can see on the beach, and activities that people usually do when they go to the beach.  We looked at pictures of children building sand castles, and in the art centre, we made sand castles. During the week, we revisited the concept of sinking and floating.  We experimented with different items to find out whether it would sink or float when we put it in water.  Many times, we thought that something that was heavy would sink and were quite surprised when it did not. 
                   This week we will continue to talk about the beach and natural items that we can find on the beach.  We will also talk about some sea animals as sea animals are our class’ favourite topic right now.  We will also be practicing our End of Year songs and make our art work for the art show.  Both the art show and End of Year show will be on Tuesday the 19th of June.
                                                                                      Best Regards,

                                                                                      Ms. Marizon

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