Sunday, 10 June 2018

Letter 34 (2017-18)

11 June 2018
Dear Parents,
          Time has certainly passed by very quickly this term, and we are now approaching the end of the school year.  Many events will be coming up next week.
We certainly got a lot done in Nursery last week! We were busy preparing for Art Week and our End of Year Performance
In the art centre, we started to make our group art piece for our class canvas, which will be in the auction for art week next week.  It took us a very long time, as we had to dye all the pieces before we will be able to put them together this week.  The children all worked very hard. Some of us helped to make so many pieces and were happy to see the colours appear on each flower petal that we made. 
Last week we also continued to talk about the beach. We pretended to walk on the beach and found seashells, which we then used to decorate our sand castles. We also pretended that we went swimming in the sea, and found different kinds of sea animals. We were able to come up with the names of many sea animals before discovering new ones. We also played a fishing game, which required us to swim around the big play area to look for fish of different colours. 
This week we will continue to practice for our End of Year Performance. We will also continue to work on our class canvas and make our individual art pieces for the art sale.  The children already explored what we are going to make and are very excited about it.   

                    End of Year Activities
Art Exhibition
Tuesday 20 –
Wednesday 20 June
Art Auction
Tuesday 19 –
      Wednesday 20 June
Last Call at 2.50 on Wednesday 20 June
End of Year Performance
Tuesday 19 June
End of Year Party
Thursday 21 June

As for the end of year party, it will be a party for the children to play together, have fun and say good-bye to their friends before the summer break.  I will be putting up a sign-up sheet in front of the classroom for you to sign-up for the kind of food that you would like to bring to the party.  If you have any questions about the activities, please feel free to ask me. 

                                                                                      Best Regards,

                                                                                      Ms. Marizon

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