Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Letter 7 (2018-19)

8 October 2018
Dear Parents
Last week we continued to talk about our hands and to explore our sense of touch.  As we were in the process of making animals with different textures for our texture book, we talked about bumpy turtles, rough crocodiles and slippery fish.  To understand these textures, we touched items that were bumpy such as egg cartons and bubble wrap.  We then used the bubble wrap to make the shell for the turtles.  After that we touched items that were smooth and slippery such as plastic sheets, plastic bags and acrylic sticker sheets.  For our fish we stuck shiny scales on its body.  For rough items, we got to touch and explore sand, gravel, sand paper, and more before using the scotchbrite to make our rough crocodiles.  In the art centre we also used items of different textures to make our texture collage which we all had fun creating our collage by sticking these items on the sticky sticker sheet.  During the week we also talked about hand washing, and practiced washing and drying our hands properly.  It was a good practice especially after we played with Goop during Sensory Play and got our hands all covered in slimy flour mixed with water.  Our cooking activity certainly let us use our hands to do many things. To make our Weet-Bix Slices, we first used our hands to break the Weet-Bix before using the rolling pin to pound on the Weet-Bix. Then we used our hands to hold the spoon to scoop up different ingredients to add to the Weet-Bix cereal.  Lastly, we used our hands to knead all the ingredients together. 
This week we will be talking about our mouth, tongue and teeth.  We will be talking about their functions and how to take care of our teeth.  Please send in a set of toothbrush and toothpaste for your child to practice brushing their teeth at school.  To celebrate Charter’s 15th birthday next week, the school will be raising a donation of 10 baht coins to make a 15 metres line.  Our Nursery class is also part of this celebration.  Hence, please let your child bring in some ten baht coins to donate to “Gift of Happiness” foundation.  It can be only one coin or as many as you want.  Next week is Parent Teacher Conference week, a sign-up sheet will be put in front of the classroom.  Please sign up on your most convenient day and time.   
                                                                             Best Regards,
                                                                             Ms. Marizon

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