Sunday, 28 October 2018

Letter 9 (2018-19)

October 29, 2018
Dear Parents,
          Welcome back to school.  I hope that all of you had had a restful and joyful time together during the half-term break.  Did you go anywhere special? 
It was so nice to see all of you during our last week before the break both for our Parent-Teacher Conference and for Charter’s 15th Year Celebration.  On that last Friday we celebrated Charter’s 15th birthday, and our little ones did a great job sitting through the whole concert.  They even clapped and sang along when they heard songs they knew.  During that week, we participated in many activities around our celebration.  In the classroom, we read stories about birthdays and made birthday cards for Charter.  Our cards are now on the glass window in front of the ICT room.  After listening to a story called “Ten Black Dots,” we tried to use fifteen dots to make a picture.  Many of us were able to think of what we wanted our pictures to look like such as balloons, a caterpillar or even a snake!  We also tried to count the coins that we had brought for donation before lining them up on the table. Of course the part which we enjoyed the most was eating the big birthday cake.  That week was also Kamin’s birthday, so we had two birthdays to celebrate within a week. 
Before the break, we had also started to learn about food.  We started by talking about energy giving food.  It was a week full of fun activities and delicious food to eat.  First we looked at different kinds of bread.  There were sandwich bread, rolls, croissants, etc.  While observing the bread we couldn’t help but nibble the bread. By the time we knew it, we had finished nearly a whole tray of bread!  We also painted on bread. We had to be careful not to put too much paint (coloured milk) on to our bread. Of course, by the time some of us had finished, there were big holes in our bread, and that’s why it’s called ‘Monster Toast’. Then we looked at pasta. There were so many kinds of pasta which made it difficult for us to remember all the names. We compared cooked, and uncooked pasta and saw that cooked pasta was soft and could be eaten, while uncooked pasta was hard. In the art centre, we dyed pasta into various colours. We showed lots of interest when we saw the pasta change into different colours. After the pasta was dried, we threaded the pasta pieces to make a necklace or a bracelet.
This week we will continue to talk about other energy giving food such as rice before starting on body building food.

                                                                             Best Regards,
                                                                             Ms. Marizon

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