Sunday, 3 February 2019

Letter 20 (2018-19)

                                                                                                           4 February 2019
Dear Parents,
          It was an unexpected two days off last week due to the air quality in Bangkok.  Hopefully, everything will be back to normal soon.  Although the children love to play in the indoor play area, we also miss going outside to the playground.  To keep the children away from dust, we have also been practicing for the EY sports day in the Lily theatre and in the multipurpose room in the Sports Hall.  The new date for our EY Sports will be announced soon.  We hope that by that time we will be able to carry out our Sports day in the Sports Hall as we usually do.   

          Although it was a short week, we managed to talk about the three large land animals.  We looked at the elephant, rhinoceros, and hippopotamus.  We compared the three animals and saw that the hippo was big, the rhino was bigger, but the elephant was the biggest.  When looking at the elephant, we noticed that it has a long trunk.  We learned that the elephant’s trunk has many functions, and pretended to be elephants using our trunks to lift, breath, take a bath and drink water.  We also looked at the elephant’s tusk. We compared the tusk of a daddy elephant and a mummy elephant and noticed that a daddy’s elephant tusk was long, while mummy elephant’s tusk was short or none at all.  When looking at hippos, we noticed that hippo has a very big mouth but very small ears.  Last of all we looked at the rhino, and discovered that the rhino has very bad eyesight but very good hearing.  All these three animals can be found in Africa, and so in the art centre, we made a beautiful picture of these three animals’ shadows in the sunset.
                                                                                                Best Regards,

                                                                                                Ms. Marizon

Tuesday 5 February

“Gong Xi Fa Cai”, Happy Chinese New Year to all.  To celebrate Chinese New Year, you have the option to wear a Chinese costume, red or gold clothes to school.  The performance by the older students will start around 8.40.  Please arrive at school before 8.30 so that we have enough time to get ready and to walk to the Lily theatre. 

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