Sunday, 10 February 2019

Letter 21 (2018-19)

                                                                                                        11 February 2019

Dear Parents,
          The weather seems to have cleared up a lot during the weekend.  With anticipation, this week it will remain the same or better.  Last week the children took turns being away for various reasons. Hopefully, everyone will be back to school this week.  
          Last week we celebrated Chinese New Year with the other classes.  We talked the about why people celebrate Chinese New Year and listened the stories that accompanied Chinese New Year. We talked about why people make loud noises to celebrate Chinese New Year, and in the art centre, we made Chinese hand held drums to play with. We also read stories on how Chinese people celebrate the New Year by wearing red and giving out red envelopes. On Chinese New Year day, we went to watch the older students perform a play about Chinese New Year, and also listened to Chinese songs and dances. We all watched and had many questions to ask while watching the show.  As this year is the year of the pig, the show we enjoyed the most was the pig dance.
          Later on in the week, we continued to talk about animals. First we continued to talk about crocodiles. We found crocodiles to be quite fantastic as they can be in the water and on land.  We then learn that crocodile burry their eggs in the sand when they lay eggs on the ground.  We had lots of fun looking for the buried eggs in the sand pit.  We got very excited when we opened the eggs and found the baby crocodiles.  Then we looked at animals with spots and stripes. We compared leopards to tigers and noticed that leopards had spots while tigers had stripes. We also looked at zebras and giraffes. In the math centre we sorted out animals with spots and animals with stripes.  We also used blocks to build a giraffe.  We tried our very best to make our giraffe be as tall as we could.  To be able to identify spots and stripes, we also made spot and stripe collages and finger painted our giraffe and leopard with spots and glued strips of paper on our zebras and tigers to make stripes.         
This week is “One World Week.”  To continue our topic on animals, we have chosen to learn about Brazil in our class.  As part of “One World Week,” on Friday 15 February will be International Day.  Your child can come to school in their national costume or in colours representing their country.  Please arrive at school by 8 o’clock as we will be going to the Lily Theatre to watch the parade of flags and other performances.  When we come back to our building, the children will then be visiting the countries represented by the other classrooms before joining the International buffet in the canteen.
                                                                    Best Regards,
                                                                   Ms. Marizon

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