Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Letter 7

30 September 2014
Dear Parents,
          I hope you all had a good time together during the long weekend.  Time certainly goes by quickly and we are now approaching the month of October.  The children certainly know the classroom environment well now.  They know where to look for the toys and materials they want, and have started to make choices in their play.
          Last week we talked about our nose.  We learned that our nose can smell, and we proved it by smelling different fragrances.  Some of us found some items such as flowers or vanilla to smell good while items such as ginger or all spice to be bad.  On the other hand, some of us preferred fragrances found in food such as soya sauce and fish sauce!  As we had been smelling flowers, in the art centre, we made lots of flowers.  We then glued cotton balls to be the centre of the flowers and chose the fragrance to put on them.  Some of us chose jasmine and orange, while others chose soya sauce and fish sauce!   We will be putting our flowers up on the board in front of the classroom, and you can come and smell them and decide which ones you like.   During Sensory Play we made jelly and used it to paint pictures.  We could smell strawberry while we painted.  We were excited that we were able to smell this nice fragrance while we painted. 
Did you try the apple pie we made in Cooking?   We rolled the dough and added apple, cinnamon and sugar.  After our pies were put in the oven, we could smell cinnamon all around the building.   It really made us feel hungry.
          This week we will be talking about our hands, and feet.  We will be using our hands to touch and feel different textures.  This Friday 2 October, we will be having our individual and class photos taken.  Please send in an extra set of school uniform in case the one we are wearing gets wet or dirty before our photo shooting. 

                                                                                      Best Regards,
                                                                                       Ms. Marizon

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Letter 6

22 September 2014
Dear Parents,
          Last week we talked about our ears.  We looked at our ears, and counted our ears.  We also looked at ears of different kinds of animal ears.  We looked at pictures of ears and tried to match them to that animal.   Then in the art centre, we made animal ears head bands to wear. 
When looking at our ears, we played drawing musical bump.  We had to listen to the music and when the music stopped, we had to sit down and draw pictures on the big piece of paper which was on the table.  It was fun.  Some of us did not want to stop moving around, while others just wanted to draw.  We also listened to different sounds from the CD player, and found certain sounds to be really funny such as the sound of a person brushing his teeth, or the sound of a child laughing.  Then we listened to sounds of items that we can hear around the house, such as the sound of the vacuum cleaner, alarm clock, hair dryer, etc.   When we went out into the playground we tried to identify the sounds that we could hear around us.  We heard the sounds of birds, airplanes, bees, the squeaking sound from the swing, etc.   In Cooking we made banana milk shake, and got startled when we heard the sound of the blender go whoosh!  We didn’t take our milk shake home but drank it right away.  We also played with different musical instruments and made lots of sounds with them.  In the art centre, we also made shakers which we can later on play with. 
This week we will be talking about our nose, and we will be smelling different kinds of fragrances.  If you have any flowers at home with some nice smell, please let your child bring some to school to share with his/her friends.  As we have had some heavy rain lately and a few children have gotten sick, please let your child stay home and rest until he/she feels better to come to school. 

                                                               Best Regards,

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Letter 5

15 September 2014
Dear Parents,
             Our class is certainly starting to grow in numbers.  Last week we had two new friends join us.  Let’s welcome Titan and Nuu Imm to the classroom.  
             Last week we spent our time looking at and talking about our eyes.  We learned that our eyes help us to see and so we looked at so many things around us.  We looked into the mirror to look at our eyes, and looked at pictures of children with different eye colours.   We played “I spy with my little eyes”, and when a word was said, we had to look for that object.  We were really good at finding these items.  Then we pretended to close our eyes to find out whether we would be able to see anything.   Most of us couldn’t resist opening an eye to see whether anything was going on.  In the art centre, we made binoculars.  While making our binoculars, we couldn’t help but looked through them.  We got excited and shouted out the name of the person whom we could see.   Later on in the week, we talked about how our eyes could see different colours.  We looked at different items and tried to name their colours.  We also looked through plastic sheets of different colours, and we saw the world around us turn into pink, yellow, green, blue, red and so on.  After that we made sun catchers with cellophane and sticker sheets.  All of us loved this activity very much.  We tried hard to cover the sticker sheet with cellophane, and got startled every time our fingers got stuck onto the sticker sheet.  Our sun catchers are now displayed on the classroom door.   For sensory play we made faces by sticking googly eyes onto the play dough.  Some of us put lots of eyes to make a monster face! 
             This week we will be talking about our ears.  We will be listening to different sounds that we can hear around us.  Just to inform you that apart from the class letter in your child’s communication book, you can also find the class letters together with some photos on the Nursery blog on the school’s website.

                                                                                Best Regards,  
                                                                                Ms. Marizon 

Monday, 8 September 2014

Letter 4

8 September 2010

Dear Parents,

          It was the children’s third week of school, and the week that they started to realise that coming to school and being away from their love ones was a permanent routine.  Most of us had settled down, while others might need a little more time.  There were some tears for mum or dad, but most of us stopped crying within minutes and started to move around freely.  Smiles could be seen and sometimes laughter could be heard. 

          Last week we talked about our hair.  We looked in the mirror and observed our hair colour.  We talked about people with different hair colours.  We then talked about having long hair and short hair.  In the math centre we looked at pictures of people with long and short hair and tried to distinguish whether that person had long hair or short hair.   Some of us also looked at items around the classroom, and tried to think whether they were long or short.  During circle time we also talked about how we should take care of our hair.  We talked about washing our hair, drying our hair, combing our hair and having a haircut when it became too long.  (We did talk about not cutting our own hair or our friend’s hair!)  In the art centre we sprinkled confetti to make the hair for the bodies that we had traced and painted earlier; and also onto our body dolls which we have now put up on display in the classroom.  We also painted clothes to put on the bodies.  Some of the clothes we painted were very colourful.  It is great to see that some of us who were afraid of getting dirty from paint have now started to hold the paintbrush and have become less frustrated when paint got on our hands!  Last week we also had a fire drill with the other classes in school.  Everybody was incredible.  Nobody cried or needed to be carried when the fire alarm went off.  We all put on our shoes and walked together to the meeting point.  Of course some of us wanted to stop to look at the birds and butterflies along the way.       

          This week we will be looking at our eyes.  We will be looking at our eye colour, and the function of our eyes.  We will also be talking about colours that we can see around us.  It should be another fun week for all of us. 

                                                                             Best Regards,
                                                                             Ms. Marizon



Thursday, 4 September 2014

Letter 3

1 September 2014

Dear Parents,
          It was the children’s second week of school, and the week that they started to realize that coming to school and being away from their love ones was a permanent routine.  Many of us have stated to adjust, while others may need a little more time.  Some of us now only cry when you leave while others may cry when you pick them up in order to tell you how much they miss you.  However, towards the end of the week, everybody in the class was certainly starting to settle down.  Smiles could be seen and sometimes laughter could be heard.  We have started to open up to each other, know one another and bond together. 
          As last week was our first full week at school, we spent time exploring the centres in the classroom.  We got excited whenever we found a new material we had not seen before, or when we joined in new activities.  Although for many of us it was our first time to attend the Early Years assembly for Star of the Week, we participated with enthusiasm.  We danced along with the Reception class, and clapped when our friends received their ‘Star of the Week’ certificate.  Our friend Tuna even went up to sit right next to Mr. Lane!
          In the classroom, we talked about our bodies.  We looked at pictures of people, and pointed to the different body parts.  We lay down on the big piece of paper, and had our bodies traced.  Some of us felt at a bit reluctant, but finally everyone did it!  We also made small paper dolls.  We talked about why we needed to wear clothes, and painted clothes for our dolls.  In Cooking, we made bread men from a jam sandwich.  We enjoyed our first Cooking class very much.  Some of us couldn’t resist eating the cut out pieces of bread.    
          This week we will be talking about our head and hair.  We will be comparing long and short hair, looking at different hair colour, and how to keep our head and hair clean.  As we have finished painting our photo albums, please send in a few photos of your child with his/her family.  It can be photos of your child at home or at places where you had visited.  If possible please also write behind each photo who each person is and where the photo was taken.  It will certainly help me when making conversations with the children.   
                                                                   Best Regards,  

                                                                             Ms. Marizon

Letter 2

Dear Parents,
          As it was the first couple of days of school last week, and the first time for some of the children to come to school and be away from their love ones, it was certainly a time to let all the children settle down, and feel most comfortable being at school and getting to know the teachers and their new friends.  All of our returning students jumped right in while a couple of the new ones started off with a few tears when mummy or daddy had to leave.  However, by Friday, the tears became less and there were more smiles.  It will not be surprising if the tears come back again today as the children were home with you during the weekend.
          Apart from getting to know the classroom, and adjust to the new environment, we spent our time last week painting our photo albums, and explored the classroom.  Some of us chose to spend time painting on the easel in the art centre, while others chose to look at books or work with manipulatives.  We had a great time during water play.  Some of us were a bit reluctant to go into the pool, but changed our minds when we saw the watering cans and water wheels.  
                This week we will start our discussion on our physical body.  First we will be looking at our whole body.  Then we will talk about our head, and hair.  In addition, we will be discussing about how to take care of our bodies and how to keep our hair neat and clean.  We will also be measuring our bodies and talk about being tall and short.   
          Please send in photos of your child with his/her family so that we can link happiness to seeing faces of love ones.  The photos can then be put into the children’s photo albums for them to look at while they are at school.  Also if you haven’t sent back the questionnaire, I would appreciate if you could please send it back to me sometime this week.  This Thursday 28 August will be the whole school parent orientation starting from 15.00 till 16.00. 

                                                                              Best Regards,

                                                                              Ms. Marizon 

Hello From Nursery

Dear Parents,

            I welcome you and your child to Charter International School.  I, Ms. Marizon Chotirawe, together with Ms. Ya, will be your child’s teachers for the Pre-nursery, and Nursery class this year.  Since, I graduated from Indiana University, USA majoring in Early Childhood Education; I have always been working with the Nursery and Kindergarten classes.   I love working with the Nursery children very much.  I enjoy teaching them and helping them develop in all areas.
            This school year, the Nursery class together with Kindergarten and Reception  will be following the latest English National Curriculum.   In the classroom, your child will be interacting actively with the learning centres such as the art centre, block centre, dramatic play centre, manipulative centre, book centre, art centre and so forth.  Through  interaction with teachers, friends and materials, your child will be learning through his/her initiation of activities and play which will expand his/her experiences and encourage his/her problem solving skills.  Planned activities of craft work and art work will be carried out every week.  Most of the crafts we do are tied in with the theme being carried out.  Some of the crafts and artwork will be taken home, while others will be kept at school to be compiled into your child’s portfolio which will be sent home at the end of the school year.

            Apart from the activities mentioned, your child will also have water play twice a week as well as cooking, and Music.  The schedule for water play is every Monday and ThursdayPlease make certain that your child has a swimsuit and towel in his/her bag on those days.  If you do not wish your child to join water play on these days, please inform us through the communication book and/or inform one of the teachers.

            As this is the Nursery class which for most children will be their first experience of being away from home and from familiar faces, I would like to request some photos to be put into your child’s personal photo album to be kept in the classroom.  Your child will then be able to look at the photos when they miss home.  Photos will also encourage communication between your child, teachers and friends.  A description of each photo will be very helpful and appreciated. 

The first theme this year will be ‘All About Me’.  We will first be focusing on our body, and later on in the term we will be talking about food .   

            Last of all, I hope that you and your child will have a joyful time in Nursery.  Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to come and talk to me or write to me through the communication book.  The communication book set can be obtained from the school’s book shop in the Administrative office

                                                                                                                                                                                                  Ms. Marizon Chotirawe

Daily Items

Here is a list of items that should be kept in your child’s bag on a daily basis.

1.     A few nappies (for children who are not yet toilet trained)
2.     A few pairs of underpants
3.     A couple sets of changing clothes
4.     A small towel
5.     A hat (can be kept at school)
6.     A pair of rubber slippers (can be kept at school)
7.     Toothbrush, toothpaste and a cup
8.  A pack of wet tissue

Water Play Days  (Mondays and Thursdays)
1.     Swimsuit
2.     A towel


All children’s belongings including their school uniform, socks, shoes, and hat should be labeled with their names. 

Please do not let your child bring anything valuable to school that you do not want it to get lost.