Monday, 27 October 2014

Letter 9

27 October 2014
Dear Parents,
Welcome back to school.  I hope that all of you have had a restful and joyful time together during the half-term break.  Did you go anywhere special?
Before the break, we started to talk about food and our sense of taste.  We certainly had a good time tasting ingredients with different flavours. We tasted salt which was salty, lime which was sour, sugar and candy which were sweet.  Everybody liked the sweet taste of sugar and wanted to try it again and again.  However, when we first tasted lime and found it to be so sour, we could not help but make funny faces.  Some of us gave back the piece of lime; others who were more adventurous tried it again, while some acquired the taste and sucked the juice out of the lime.  We also tried salty food such as salt and crackers.  At first some of us were reluctant to try the crackers, but once we did we couldn’t help but ask for more.  When asked which flavour we liked the most, nearly all of us pointed to the sugar or candy. 
During the week we also continued to explore our sense of touch.  We touched items that were prickly such as toothpicks and said ouch, ouch every time we touched them.  We also looked at pictures of different kinds of prickly items such as needles, nails, pine cones, and prickly animals such as porcupines.  We then used the toothpicks to make our porcupine picture in art.  Then we talked about rough items and got to touch and explore sand, gravel, sand paper, and more before using the sandpaper to make our rough crocodiles.      
This week is superhero week.  We will be talking about superhero behaviours, and being healthy.  On Friday please let your child dress up as a superhero.  You can help your child come up with his/her own idea of a superhero costume.  We will have a small superhero parade from 8:35 to 8:45 before going in for our weekly Early Years assembly.  Please send in a small plate of healthy food that morning as we will be having a superhero party at 10 o’clock with the other Early Years classes. 
                                                                             Best Regards,
                                                                             Ms. Marizon

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Letter 8

                                                            13 October 2010

Dear Parents,
            The week before was certainly a week for photos.  Some of us had our photos taken every day either by ourselves, with siblings or with the whole school.  As we are still very young, it took us quite some time to get used to the cameras and the photographers.  The photographers tried very hard to get our attention, but we were more interested in the cameras and tried to run to the camera to see our pictures on the screen.  We surely are up to date with technology!  
We had a great time last week learning about our hands.  To understand what our hands can do and feel, we touched various textures.  We touched different kinds of fabric, soft items such as cotton wool and wool, lumpy items such as an egg carton and bubble wrap.  Some of us who are reluctant to touch anything messy, started to enjoy getting paint on the hands and made lots of handprints on paper.  In Cooking we made banana cake.  We discovered that when banana was mixed with the flour, it changed its form, and became sticky. 
During Sensory Play, we played with bubble wrap and egg cartons.  It was fun.  We touched it and squeezed the bubble wrap to make it pop.  We moved the cars up and down and egg carton, and observed how different it was compared to when we moved them up and down the smooth table.  Then in the art centre, we made animals from different materials.  We made rabbits from cotton wool, and turtles from bubble wraps.
This week should be another fun week.  We will continue to talk about other textures, and our feet.  Then we will start to talk about our mouth, tongue and teeth.   This week is also Parent Teacher Consultation week.  I have put up a sign up sheet in front of the classroom.  Please write your child’s name in the time slot that is most convenient to you.   When we come back after our half-term break, it will be superhero week.  We will be talking about superhero behaviours, and healthy eating.  On Friday 31 October, the children can come to school dress as a superhero.  You may want to help your child choose which superhero they would like to be.  It does not need to be a superhero from a movie but a superhero that you have created.  If you have any question about superhero week and PTC please feel free to come and ask me.    

                                                                                    Best Regards,