Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Letter 14

December 1, 2014
Dear Parents,
Time has certainly gone by quickly and we are now approaching the end of the first term. 
Last week, we had been looking at energy giving food such as rice, bread, and pasta.  It was a week full of fun activities and delicious food to eat.  First we looked at different kinds of bread.  There were white bread and whole wheat bread.  There were loaves, rolls, pretzels, croissants, etc.  While observing the bread we couldn’t help but nibble the bread.  By the time we knew it, we had finished nearly a whole tray of bread!  We also painted on bread.  It was very different from painting on paper.  We had to be careful not to put too much paint (coloured milk) on to our bread.  Of course, by the time some of us had finished, there were big holes in our bread, and that’s why it’s called ‘Monster Toast’.  Then we looked at pasta.  There were so many kinds of pasta which made it difficult for us to remember all the names.  The only name we could really remember was spaghetti.  To us, all pasta was spaghetti.  We compared cooked, and uncooked pasta and saw that cooked pasta was soft and could be eaten, while uncooked pasta was hard.  After observing different shapes of pasta, we dyed the pasta into various colours and threaded the pieces to make a necklace or a bracelet.  Some of us enjoyed threading the pasta very much and made several necklaces.  Towards the end of the week we looked at different kinds of rice.  We remembered that we usually eat rice at lunch time.  During Sensory Play, we played with multi-coloured rice.  We also used the rice to make a rice plate art piece.  We had lots of fun sprinkling confetti and mixing our rice with tomato sauce (red paint), and oil (glue). 
            This week we will start to make our Christmas crafts to decorate the room and take home next week.  We will be practicing our Christmas performance with children from the other classes.  As our practice starts at 8.30, please bring your child to school by 8.20 so that we can go up to the ballroom together.  In case you come to school later than that, please take your child straight up to the ballroom in the front building.  Our Christmas performance will be held on Wednesday December 10, 2014 at 9 o’clock.  School will be closed this Friday December 5 for the King’s Birthday, and Father’s Day.   So Happy Father’s Day to all the daddies in our class. 
                                                                                                            Best Regards,
                                                                                                            Ms. Marizon