Monday, 7 December 2015

Letter 14 (2015-2016)

8 December 2015
Dear Parents,
                   Happy Father’s Day.  Hope you all had a great time celebrating Father’s Day together.  Did all the fathers receive lots of hugs and kisses from your little ones?  
                   Last week we ended our topic on “In the Garden” by talking about minibeasts.  The last minibeasts that we talked about was the spider.  We compared spiders to insects and saw that spiders had eight legs while insects had six legs.  We looked at pictures of different kinds of spiders and saw that spiders came in different sizes and different colours.  We then looked at pictures of spider webs and saw that some webs could be really big.  We then made our spider’s web by threading wool in and out of holes on paper plates and made our spiders by crumpling paper in black paint to make a ball before cutting out strips of paper to make the legs.  In the writing centre, we drew lines to make a spider’s web and wrote our father’s day card.  We had to decide which word we wanted to use to address our father whether it would be ‘por’ in Thai, ‘papa’, ‘daddy’ or ‘dad’.  Everybody could tell which word we usually use to call our fathers at home. 
                   Last week we also spent a lot of our time practicing our Christmas show with the other classes on stage.  We got better and better each day.  However, being so little, nobody will ever know what will happen on the day.  Please be reminded to bring in a green shirt and a brown pair of shorts, trousers or a skirt some time this week.  It can be green and brown of any shade.  We will be using the clothes for our performance next week.  
                   As this week is a very short week, we will be spending most of our time practicing our Christmas show with the other classes and making Christmas gifts and decorations.  Please note that this Thursday December 10 is a public holiday for Constitution Day.   School will be opened as normal on Friday December 11. 

                                                                             Best Regards, 

Sunday, 29 November 2015

Letter 13 (2015-2016)

          30 November 2015
Dear Parents,
          We are now approaching the month of December which is a month full of celebrations.  This Saturday will be Father’s Day, and I would like to wish all the fathers in our room a very happy father’s day in advance.  We will then be celebrating Christmas and New Year.  We have started to practice our Christmas songs for our Christmas show.  The children have been singing and doing the actions, but we’ll never know what will happen until the day. 
          Last week we talked about mini-beasts that are not insects.  After talking about worms we went out to look for worms in the garden.  Instead of finding worms, we found caterpillars which all of us thought were worms.  We then compared caterpillars to worms and saw that caterpillars had legs while worms didn’t.  In the garden we also found a moth and a beetle.  We were very excited and brought the beetle back to the classroom.  Some of us were very interested in the beetle and visited the discovery centre a few times each day to look at the beetle.  To our excitement, our beetle laid eggs which we then returned to the garden.  Hopefully, next year we will see these eggs hatch into little beetles. 
          While talking about worms, we weaved worms (pictures) in and out of brown paper as though the worms were moving through soil.  In the writing centre we drew lines on our worms before painting them for our under the ground picture.  Apart from worms we also talked about lizards and snails.  We crawled on the floor like lizards and snails, and found that it was harder to move like a snail.  We talked about how snails could hide in their shells from danger and pretended to be snails hiding.  In the discovery centre, we observed different kinds of shells, and in the art centre we dipped shells in paint before moving them around on paper to make snail trails.  It was fun.  Although we knew that snails move slowly, we couldn’t help but move our shells fast.  Some of us even went “vroom, vroom” pretending that the shells were cars!  After we had finished making these three mini-beasts, we hand painted the ground, and did fork painting for the grass for our under the ground picture. 
          This week we will be discussing our last mini-beast - the spider, before starting on our Father’s Day craft and Christmas crafts.  Please take note that school will be closed next Monday 7 December as a compensation for the HM the King’s birthday. 
                                                                             Best Regards,

                                                                             Ms. Marizon

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Letter 12 (2015-2016)

23 November 2015
Dear Parents,
                     Time is certainly moving by quickly and we are now approaching the end of November.  However, it seems that the cool weather hasn’t approached us yet, and it has been quite hot on some days.
                     Last week we continued to talk about insects that we could find in the garden.  We first continued to talk about flying insects such as dragonflies and ladybirds.  We learned that dragonflies can fly very fast.  They can fly forwards, backwards, up and down.  They can also land like a helicopter.  We then pretended to fly like a dragonfly.  In the art centre, we made dragonflies’ wings by sticking different coloured cellophane on the sticker sheet.  We had to be careful not to get our fingers stuck on the sticker sheet.  When we had finished, our dragonflies certainly had beautiful colourful wings.  After that we talked about ladybirds.  We compared ladybirds to bees and saw that while bees had stripes, ladybirds had spots.  We then looked at other animals and tried to figure out whether they had spots or stripes.  In the math centre, we practiced our one-on-one correspondence by placing buttons on the ladybird’s spots.  We also counted spots on the ladybird’s body.  In Cooking we made ladybirds from apples and chocolate chips.   Then we talked about ground insects.  We started by talking about ants.  We went out to the garden to look for ants and luckily we found lots of ants that morning.  We found big red ants, small black and brown ants.  We even found a small ant hill which led us into making out ant hill in the art centre.  We found ants to be quite fascinating.  Although they were small they could carry heavy loads.  In the math centre, we made a tangram puzzle of an ant by sticking circle and oval shapes on to the empty slots.  We also sorted out big and small ants.  Last of all we talked about jumping insects such as crickets and grasshoppers.  In Music we played with rhythmic sticks.  We pretended to be crickets by rubbing the rhythmic sticks together like when crickets rub their wings together when they communicate.  We then acted like grasshoppers jumping around the classroom. 
                     This week we will be talking about other mini-beasts that we can find in the garden that are not insects such as worms, lizards, spiders and snails.  We will be going out to the garden again to see whether we could find any of these mini-beasts. 
                                                                        Best Regards,

                                                                        Ms. Marizon       

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Letter 11 (2015-2016)

16 November 2015
Dear Parents,
          Thank you again for all the flowers that the second group has brought to our class last week.  We had flowers such as orchids, hibiscus, and frangipanis from the garden; and mums from the market.  The flowers have certainly brighten up and given a soft touch to the classroom.  We also loved arranging flowers into different size vases. 
          As part of our garden and minibeast theme, we have been going out into the garden to look for minibeast.  Strange enough on the day that we went to look for them, we could hardly find any, but when we went to play in the playground, we were able to find ants and butterflies.   We started by talking about insects.  The first insects we looked at were caterpillars, and butterflies.  We read stories about caterpillars turning into butterflies.  However, we still haven’t really grasped the idea of caterpillars turning into butterflies.  So in the art centre, we made caterpillars from clothe pegs, and after we wound wool around the toilet roll to make chrysalis; we put our caterpillars inside to let them go to sleep during the weekend.  Today to our surprise, we took the caterpillar out and it had turned into a butterfly!  We were so excited to see this change.   We also made butterflies by making symmetrical painted butterflies while in the math centre, we put together caterpillar tangram puzzles from different circle and oval shapes. 
          Later on in the week we talked about bees.  After reading the story called “Mr. Bumble”, we pretended to fly like bees around the room.  We had to land on the big flowers to drink nectar and collect pollen to take back to the bee hive to make honey.  It was fun.  Some of us flew round and round a few times.  Then in Cooking we used real honey to make our rice crispy treats.  At the end of the week, we also talked about flies.  We talked about how flies can carry germs with them.  In the art centre, we used the fly squatter to make art pieces.  We all had fun hitting the fly squatter on the paper.  Some of us could hardly stop hitting. 
          This week we will continue to talk about dragonflies and ladybirds.  We will also be looking at ground insects such as ants, grasshoppers and crickets.  There should certainly be lots of jumping around this week!
                                                                                             Best Regards,

                                                                                             Ms. Marizon

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Letter 10 (2015-2016)

          9 November 2015
Dear Parents,
          Thank you for all the beautiful flowers that you had sent.  They have certainly brighten up our room.  The children took turns showing the flowers to their friends.  We had flowers from the garden and from the shop which gave the children an opportunity to consider their answer before answering where they got their flowers. 
          Therefore, last week all our activities circled round flowers.  We read many stories about flowers and the garden; and looked at pictures of different kinds of flowers.  We learned that flowers come in different kinds of colours, shapes, and sizes.  We also learned that different flowers have different names; and that flowers could grow on the ground or in trees.  We also looked at different parts of a flower such as the centre, petals, stem and leaf.  In the art centre we got to make flowers by using different kinds of materials.  When talking about sunflowers, we made sunflower from paper plates. When talking about flowers that grow on trees, we made cherry blossoms by printing flower shape prints from plastic bottles.  We also made a flower garden from egg carton and made flower prints from real flowers.  In the math centre, we counted flowers.  We certainly had fun counting the flowers as they were made from popsical sticks, and we could insert them into the holes on the egg carton.  For some of us who were not interested in counting the flowers, we got to practice using our fine motor skills.  In Cooking, we made a flower biscuit from biscuits and marshmallows.  By making the icing by ourselves, we got to measure, scoop, and mix.  In the Discovery Centre, we smelled different kinds of flowers and arranged them in cups as we learned that flowers need water to stay fresh.
          This week we will start to talk about insects.  We will be focusing on insects that can fly such as butterflies, bees, dragonflies, mosquitoes and flies. 

                                                                                  Best Regards,
                                                                                   Ms. Marizon

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Letter 9 (2015-2016)

                                                                                                         2 November 2015
Dear Parents,
          All the children certainly settled back in well after the break.  There were a few tears on the first day back, but after that everybody remembered school and were happy to be back.
          On our first week back, we started our class discussion on our new theme “In the Garden”.  We started by looking at pictures of different kinds of gardens.  We saw that there are different kinds of gardens such as a vegetable garden, rock garden, flower garden, etc.  We then went for walk to look at the garden in the school.  We ran up and down happily in the garden, and tried to identify the things that we could see around us.  We saw grass, leaves, trees, flowers and birds.  When we saw the pigeons, we were so excited and couldn’t help but run after them.  We also collected leaves and grass which we put in our discovery centre to explore the whole week.  We also talked about gardeners and the tools used by gardeners to plant and take care of gardens.  We looked at different gardening tools, and learned their names.
          In the art centre, we made leaf prints from real leaves.  We also made leaves by using eye droppers to drop liquid paint on paper towels.  It was fun, and challenging at the same time.  We had to figure out how use the eye dropper to transfer the liquid paint from the bowl to the paper.  Some of us were able to get lots of paint into the eye dropper while others managed to get a few drops at a time.  We also looked at a real bird’s nest which was made from dried grass, and in Cooking we made a bird’s nest from shredded wheat and chocolate.  We all had fun, breaking the shredded wheat into small pieces and squeezing the bottle of chocolate.  We certainly had to use our muscles and strength that morning.  To further practice our fine motor skills, we also practiced cutting along lines to make our “In the Tall, Tall Grass” picture.  Some of us have started to try to follow the lines when cutting, while some prefer to snip here and there. 
          This week we will be looking at trees and flowers.  We will be looking at different kinds of trees and flowers, parts of a tree and parts of a flower; and colours of flowers.  I would like to ask you to please bring in some flowers from home for us to look at and to do flower arrangement.  They can either be flowers from your garden or a bunch of flower from the market. 
                                                                             Best Regards,
                                                                              Ms. Marizon