Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Letter 19

9 February 2015
Dear Parents,
          This week we will be celebrating ‘One World Week’.   It is a week when the children will be aware that people come from different countries around the world.  It is a week when we celebrate the difference and similarities in people.         In order to be aware of other countries, to have an idea of what other countries look like, and their cultures; in Nursery we will be focusing on two countries Mexico and Canada.  
          Last week the first country we visited was Mexico.  We pretended to go on a plane and fly to Mexico.  We saw pictures of the Mexican flag, places and people.  We saw how people dressed in traditional Mexican costumes.  We looked at real sombreros or Mexican hats and ponchos, and tried them on.  In the art centre, we painted our ponchos, and sombreros.  We used real straw hats to paint with.  It was quite different to paint on a 3D object.  Some of us enjoyed painting the hats very much and asked to help paint more than one hat.  We also looked at how Mexican people decorate their homes when they have parties.  We saw how coloured paper is made into so many kinds of beautiful crafts including piƱatas and paper flowers.  In the Math centre, we identified and sorted out big, medium and small flowers, before threading the flowers with pipe cleaners to make Mexican paper flowers.  Many of us were able to identify big and small, but still found medium to be difficult to identify.  Some of us made the connection of size with daddy, mummy and baby. When threading the flowers, we had to be extra careful not to tear the flowers.
          This week we will be visiting Canada.  We will be looking at sceneries of Canada at different times of the year, the weather in Canada and how people need to dress and keep warm for the winter.  It should be another fun week for all of us. 
                                                                             Best  Regards,

                                                                             Ms. Marizon and Ms. Julie

Letter 18

                                                                                                02 February 2015
Dear Parents,
                We enjoyed doing Nursery Rhymes again last week. The focus was on “I’m a Little Teapot” and “The Incy Wincy Spider”. We explored these rhymes through books, a felt board, props, crafts and imaginative play. We reviewed up and down and also introduced hot and cold, as well as big and small and short and tall. It was really fun to pull the spider up and down the water spout. We also sang a few songs about sun and rain to show our understanding of “The Incy Wincy Spider”. We even had our very own pretend tea party. It was also a lot of fun making spiders out of crackers.
                Also, parents please remember to send in the swimming suit and towel, as we will continue with our water play next week. In addition, a gentle reminder to close to gates as you enter and exit from school. 
International Day
This week, we will be focusing on preparing for our International Day events. For your information, International Day will be held on Wednesday February 11. Please come in the traditional dress of your home country and be ready to join in the parade at 8:15. Nursery and pre-nursery parents are asked to accompany their children, if at all possible. There will be a cultural show that you can watch following the parade.
Since we will be preparing for additional International Week events starting next week, we have placed the students into two groups: Canada and Mexico. Please see below for your child’s country. Parents are asked to dress their child according to the country below on Friday February 13. For Canada, please just wear red and white. You may also incorporate any maple leaves, if possible. More details will follow about Mexico.
Mexico                                                                                                 Canada
Nuu Imm

Thank you in advance for your assistance with the International Day activities.
Yours sincerely,

Ms. Marizon and Ms. Julie