Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Letter 24

          March 23, 2015
Dear Parents,

Last week, we enjoyed learning about the clouds and the rain. We all made both rain clouds and puffy clouds. We even got to paint with shaving cream. While talking about the rain, we had a chance to try on rain coats and hold umbrellas. We also painted umbrellas and did some rain paintings using the watering cans. We watched the paint stream down like the rain. We made some umbrellas using tissue paper and spray bottles, as well. In addition, we made some cloud cookies which were very sticky but yummy.
          After all that learning about the rain, we are going to finish our unit on the daytime by discussing the thunder and lightning in the sky. We will start by making some lightning bolt and rainbow crafts. We will also continue to sing, “Mr. Sun” to review the daytime topic and use the drums to show thunder and rain. Then, we will be ready to discuss the night sky, later in the week.
          Don’t forget that Parent Teacher Conferences are this Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. This is a chance to discuss your child’s progress so far. Please sign up, if you haven’t yet. We are looking forward to meeting with you.
Yours sincerely,

Ms. Marizon and Ms. Julie

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Letter 23

16 March 2015
Dear Parents,
          Last week we started our discussion about the sky.  We talked about things that we can see in the sky, and looked at pictures of day sky and night sky before focusing on day sky.  First we looked at the sun and talked about sunny days.  We went out to the playground to look at the sun, and discovered that the sun is really bright and our eyes could get hurt from the bright sun rays.  We learned that we should not look directly at the sun.  While we were out under the sun, we also learned that the sun was hot and was in the sky.  We then looked at pictures of the sun and saw that the sun was like a circle shape.  In the art centre, we worked as a group to paint a big circle to make a big sun.  We also painted our own individual suns from paper plates.  Instead of painting directly on the paper plates, we used cling wrap to put on the plate before painting with our hands.  We were quite surprised that our hands did not get any paint on them.  We then cut out triangle shapes to make the sun rays.  In the writing centre, we drew lines around the circles to make pictures of the sun, and in the math centre we made a sun tangram puzzle with circle and triangle shapes.  We also talked about what we should do when we feel hot.  We looked at different ways of keeping cool, and learned that the best thing to do when we feel hot is to drink water and wash our faces.  We saw pictures of people wearing hats and sunglasses, and also tried them on in the pretend play centre. 
          Later on in the week we talked about the wind.  We discussed that although the sun was hot, but if it was windy we would not feel the heat as much.  We then tried to blow our own hands, and used a fan to fan ourselves.  Then we went out into the common area and turned on the fan.  We held ribbons under the fan and observed how the ribbons moved when the fan was turned on and off.  Of course we all wanted the fan to go at full speed. 
          This week we will be talking about clouds and rain.  Next week on Tuesday 24 to Thursday 26 March will be the week for our Parent-Teacher Conference.  A sign-up sheet will be put up in front of the classroom.  Please sign up to meet with us on the time and date most suitable for you.
                                                                             Best Regards,

                                                                             Ms. Marizon and Ms. Julie    

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Letter 22

                                                                                                                    9 March 2015
Dear Parents,

            We had a great time at the parade last Friday for Book Week. It was nice to see so many parents join us. Also, the costumes were really great. We had super heroes, princesses, animals, a race car driver, a pirate, and an alphabet costume. All of the children really enjoyed bringing their homework of their favourite book. Many of them were really attached to their boxes and didn’t even want to put them down. Thank you for all of your efforts in helping with the homework and attending the parade. 
            Last week, we read many David Shannon books, including, No, David. We also made a David craft, which we glued and painted to make David holding a book. We enjoyed both watching the David videos and reading the books. These books focus on learning rules, so we reviewed the classroom rules as well.
            Since the teachers and assistants dressed up as The Three Little Pigs on Friday, we started a craft which we will continue into next week. We started by making a house of straw. Next week we will make the houses of sticks and bricks. Please read or tell this story at home, if you have it, to help reinforce the difference between straw, sticks and bricks.
            Next week, we are going to introduce our topic of Night and Day, by starting to discuss Sunny and Windy Days. In upcoming weeks, we will be learning about Rainy and Cloudy Days, as well as, Night and Nocturnal Animals.
            Just a reminder to bring in a new labelled toothbrush for your child this week.  We would like to replace them with brand new ones.
Best Regards,

Ms. Marizon and Ms. Julie

Letter 21

2 March 2015
Dear Parents,
          It was lovely to see so many of you last Friday for Nursery Sports Day.  We spent our time every morning practicing and by Friday, we were ready for our first sports day.  Although it was a rather hot day, we certainly enjoyed themselves.  We played several games, and tried to follow the rules of each game.  Throwing balls over the net was certainly a popular game, especially when you joined your children. 
          Last week we started our discussion and activities on books as it is Book Week this week.  First we focused our discussion on books written and illustrated by Donald Crews.  The two books we focused on were ‘Trucks’ and ‘Freight Train.’  We certainly enjoyed reading these two books as they are related to transportation.  After listening to ‘Truck’, we pushed toy trucks in paint before pushing them on paper.  We were excited to see the tracks appear.  Some of us dipped so much paint that it looked like the truck had been stuck in the mud!   We enjoyed painting with the trucks very much, and some of us asked to do it over and over again.  We also made 3D trucks from tissue boxes.  We painted the trucks in different colours.  Some of us painted the truck in one colour, while others painted the truck in rainbow colours.  We counted the wheels of the trucks and painted them black. 
          Later on we read ‘Freight Train.’   We saw how the train had many colours, and named the colours we saw. We learned that different cars have different names depending on the items being carried in that car.  We also learned that trains move on tracks and not on roads like cars and trucks.  We compared long and short trains, and made train tracks from popsicle sticks before sponge printing the engine and carriages with different colours on to the train track. 
          This week we will be looking at books written by David Shannon.  His famous books for toddlers are the ‘NO David!’ series.  Just a reminder that there will be no school on Wednesday March 4th as it is Machabucha day.  On Thursday March 5th please send in the boxes that you and your child have been decorating together to represent one of your child’s favourite book.   It can be either the book cover itself or the main character from that book.  Please don’t forget to add the title, author and your child’s name on the box.  A sample of a book box is shown in front of our classroom.  Last of all we will have a book parade on Friday March 6th.  Please let your child dress up as his/her favourite book character and bring his/her book to show while walking in the parade.
                                                                             Best Regards,

                                                                             Ms. Marizon and Ms. Julie