Monday, 18 May 2015

Letter 30

            May 18, 2015
Dear Parents,
            Last week was our final week of learning about Zoo Animals.  The children coloured a variety of zoo animals and put them on the bulletin board. They were then able to review all of the animal names. They sure have learned a lot of the names! 
             The children learned about large animals including elephants, hippos and rhinos. They learned about the words, big and small, and what is big on an elephant: ears, trunk and feet. Next, they compared their feet with an elephant foot to see the difference.  They also painted elephant masks, puppets, and headbands. Next, they painted some bananas and grass to feed to a large cardboard elephant, which were also painted.
One of their favourite activities last week was playing with and painting with syringes. During water play, the children pretended the syringes were elephant trunks squirting water. They also did several activities related to hippos including: making hippo puppets, painting a large hippo and playing a hippo math game. Later, they painted a rhino and a horn to put on it.
In Music, the children practiced both monkey and elephant songs, in preparation for the end of year performance, coming up in June. In Cooking, the children made a cracker into a zoo animal in a cage. The week ended with the children dressing like a zookeeper and feeding the pretend elephant and hippo pretend bananas and grass.
This week, the children will be beginning to learn about Builders. They will be starting to learn: what builders are, what tools they have, and what they wear. There will be many hands on activities including: building structures with large blocks, playing in the sand with small construction vehicles and using the tools and tool bench.
It will be another fun filled week ahead!

                                                                                    Ms. Marizon and Ms. Julie

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Letter 29

11 May 2015
Dear Parents,
          Although last week was a short week due to our long public holiday which was also our term break, we surely fitted many activities into our three days at school.
          Last week we continued to talk about zoo animals.  Our main focus was on crocodiles.  Although we were quite familiar with crocodiles, we still had a lot to learn from them.  First we looked at pictures of crocodiles.  We counted four legs, two eyes and a very long mouth.  We listened to a poem about crocodile’s teeth, and noticed that crocodiles do have very sharp teeth.  We also learned that crocodiles are very special.  They can stay on the ground and in the water.  We then played a crocodile game which required us to run onto the carpet when we heard the word “ground” and onto the floor when we heard the word “water.”  We all did a very good job listening to the instructions.  Then we talked about how crocodiles lay and burry their eggs in the sand.  So one morning we went on a crocodile hunt.  We searched in the sand pit and found lots of eggs.  We opened the eggs and popped, out came the baby crocodiles.  We were so thrilled.
          Friday was certainly our most exciting day.  We were all ready to go to Safari World to see the animals.  It was our first field trip for most of us. On the bus, we all cooperated and had our seat belts on while we traveled on the road.  In Safari World we saw lots of animals.  We couldn’t help but scream with delight every time we saw an animal come near our van.  We also saw the zoo keeper feeding the tigers!  Although we only looked at the animals from the bus, this exciting experience did tire us out, and most of us fell asleep on the way back.    
          This week we will be talking about big animals such as hippos, elephants and rhinos.         It should be another fun week for us.
                                                                             Best Regards,

                                                                             Ms. Marizon and Ms. Julie

Letter 28

                        May 6, 2015
Dear Parents,

            We welcome you back after the long weekend. We hope you had a great holiday. We would also like to take the opportunity to welcome Livia, who is a new student starting in the classroom today. 
            Last week, we discussed the topic of spots and stripes, focusing mostly on giraffes and zebras. We identified which animals have spots and stripes. Then we painted both large and small giraffes, learning the words “spots” and “dots”. We also painted a leopard, painting small dots with cotton swabs. We reviewed the word “tall”, in the discussion about giraffes, and identified things that are tall. In addition, we also learned how to make dots using the bingo dabbers. Next, we learned about stripes and painted large and small zebras. We also glued stripes onto zebras and tigers. In Cooking, we even made stripes on tiger sandwiches by spreading orange cheese onto bread. Then, we made some small trees to add to our animal habitat bulletin boards.
            After learning about so many zoo animals, we will continue by discussing crocodiles this week. This will include a discussion on how crocodiles build nests and lay eggs like birds do, except that they bury their eggs. We will be going on a hunt to find crocodile eggs in the sand. In addition, we will sing our monkey and crocodile song.
            By Friday, we will be more than ready to go to Safari World. Please remember to be early as we plan to board the buses at 8:30. The children can come to school in their school uniforms, as usual. Please also ensure that your child has had a chance to go to the toilet (for those who are toilet trained) before dropping him/her off on Friday. We also ask that all children wear a diaper on Friday, for convenience, and don’t forget to bring a full water bottle for use on the bus. When we board the buses, we plan to stay on them for the entire trip. We will go by bus around the Open Zoo and have a chance to view the animals from the comfort of the bus. We will then return to the school by 11:30 for our regular lunch time and the children can be picked up at their usual time at school. We are all looking forward to it.

Best Regards,

Ms. Marizon and Ms. Julie

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Letter 27

            April 27, 2015
Dear Parents,
          We had an enjoyable week back after Songkran. We now have 18 students, so we have a lot of friends to play with.  Please welcome our new friend Iya to our class. 
          We had a lot of enjoyment last week learning about zoo animals, with a focus on birds and monkeys.  We talked about going to the zoo to see animals.  We talked about animals we like and whether we have seen them before.  We learned that many zoo animals come from the jungle.  We pretended to be monkeys and read many books with monkeys as the main character.  Our favourite books were “Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed” and “Five Little Monkeys Teasing Mr. Crocodile.”  We then made monkey puppets in the art centre which we put on the board.  Later on in the week we talked about birds.  With our binoculars, we went on a nature walk to look at birds.  We were excited to see so many birds and to find some nests in the trees.  We learned that different kinds of birds have different names such as parrot, flamingo, crow, and peacock.  We then observed a real nest and made our own nests and eggs.  Some of us were quite disappointed not to see any real eggs in the nest.  So we talked about birds leaving their nests after the baby birds can fly.      
          This week we are discussing more zoo animals and will be focusing on giraffes and zebras, as well as other zoo animals with spots and stripes. We will be painting zebras and giraffes, and discussing other striped and spotted animals like tigers, cheetahs and leopards. We will also be discussing what is tall like a giraffe.
Please see the field trip letter for information on our Safari World trip on Friday May 8. We are excited to highlight our learning with getting to see real zoo animals. We will travel by bus to see the open zoo.
Please don’t forget that Friday May 1, Monday May 4 and Tuesday May 5 are holidays.
We are looking forward to another week of learning in Nursery.

                                                                                      Yours sincerely,

                                                                                      Ms. Marizon and Ms. Julie