Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Letter 8 (2015-2016)

             26 October, 2015
Dear Parents,
          Welcome back to school.  I hope that all of you have had a restful and joyful time together during the half-term break.  Did you go anywhere special?
          The week before the half-term break we ended our discussion on clothes by looking at clothes that are worn on a cold day.  We tried on mittens, scarves, jackets, wooly hats, socks and boots.  We learned that in some countries where the weather is very cold, there can be snow.  To understand the difference between hot and cold we explored heat by feeling the hot air from the hair dryer, and touched ice to experience feeling cold.  We also experimented touching ice with our bare hands and with our mittens on.  Most of us could tell that it was better to touch the ice with our mittens on.  We then played with ice during water play.  It was certainly fun.  We watched the ice melt as we played with it.  In the math centre, we sorted out pictures of hot and cold items; and in the easel centre, we painted with warm colours and cool colours.  In the art centre, we reinforced the words used for cold day clothes by making pictures of children wearing winter clothes. 
          As the week before the break was also the week for World’s Math Day, we did lots of activities with shapes.  We looked at different shapes, and worked in groups in using the shapes to make pictures.  You can see our group work on the board in front of the Cooking Room.  We played games with shapes.  For example we had to run to a shape when we heard the name of that shape.  We also played with shape puzzles, and looked for different shapes around the classroom.  In addition, we explored other math activities by joining the other classes in the bake sale, and estimating the number of sweets in bags.  Although these activities might seem a bit hard for many of us, they did give us the experience of being familiarize with numbers in a real life situation. 
          This week we will be starting our discussion on our new theme, “In the Garden.”   Throughout the next few weeks, we will be looking at things that we can find in a garden, the person who takes care of a garden, tools used in gardening, and insects.  For this first week, we will be talking about grass, the gardener and gardening tools.  It should be a fun and interesting theme for all of us.   
                                                                   Best Regards, 

                                                                   Ms. Marizon

Monday, 12 October 2015

Week 7 (2515 - 2516)

12 October 2015
Dear Parents,
          Last week, was certainly a busy week for us with the school’s photo shooting.  Some of us were interested in the camera and the equipment used by the photographer, while others felt scared and took some time before letting the photographer come close.  Some of us smiled a lot while others made a face as though they wanted to run away.  However, in the end most of us cooperated and had our photos taken.
          Last week we continued our discussion on clothes by talking about clothes that are used on rainy days.  With the amount of rain we had, we certainly had first hand experience in talking about rainy days.  We also listened to the sound of rain and thunder from a CD.  We enjoyed listening to it, and didn’t want to turn it off the whole morning!  Thank you for the clothes that you had lent us.  We tried on raincoats, boots and carried umbrellas.  In the writing centre, we drew lines to make the rain, and in the art centre, we made a picture of children in the rain so as to reinforce the words we have been learning.  We made rain by pouring water from the watering can on our paper umbrella.  When we lifted up the paper we could see the watermarks on the paper.  We also learned that the weather can be cold on rainy days and that we should stay indoors.  To be able to protect ourselves from catching colds, we need to be healthy, and one way to stay healthy is to eat vegetables.  We looked at different kinds of vegetables, and some of us build the courage to try some of them.  In Cooking we cut the vegetables and made vegetable soup.  Hopefully, we all had a try.
                   This week we will end our discussion on clothes by talking about clothes used on cold days.  If you have any winter clothes such as jackets, mittens, and wooly hats that you can lend us, they would be mostly appreciated.  As part of math week, we will be talking and exploring shapes.  As we will be meeting for PTC this week, there will be no letter on Friday.  Next week will be our half term break.  School will opened again on 26 October, 2015.  Wishing you all a great time together during the break.
                                                                             Best Regards,       
                                                                             Ms. Marizon 

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Letter 6 (2015-2016)

5 October 2015
Dear Parents,
               Last week we started to talk about clothes that are used for different kinds of weather.  We started with a hot day.  We pretended to take a trip to the beach with our backpacks.  Each day we would take a new item out of the bag to see what we needed.  We had fun trying on these accessories and dress-up clothes.  Thank you for sending in some items that we could look at, show our friends and try on.  In the art centre we made these accessories.  We made a backpack, sunglasses, slippers and a sun hat.  We also talked about keeping cool on a hot day by eating fruits.  Therefore, in Cooking we made fruit salad.  We had a great time observing different kinds of fruits, and tasting them.  Many of us took the risk of trying new kinds of fruits.  If we liked the taste, we ate it; and if we didn’t, we just put it aside.  Among the fruits we tasted were watermelon, grapes, apple, papaya and cantaloupe.  We noticed that some fruits had different colours on the inside and the outside.  For example, we saw that a watermelon was green on the outside, but red on the inside.  We discovered that we could not eat the peel of every kind of fruits.  While we can eat the peel of an apple or grapes, we could not eat the peel of a watermelon or a pineapple.  In cooking we used fruits of different colours to make our colourful fruit salad.  We practiced cutting the fruits into small pieces and scooping them up with a spoon.  In the art centre, we also painted pictures and learned the name of different kinds of fruits.  The fruits we painted will be used to decorate our sun hat.  As we had been pretending to go to the beach on a hot day, we ended our discussion on hot days by playing with sand dough during sensory play.   
               This week we will be talking about clothes and accessories that we can use on a rainy day.  If you have any raincoats, boots or child size umbrellas that we can look at, please send them in.  We will be returning them at the end of the week. 
          Next week on Tuesday 13 to Thursday 15, we will be having our parent-teacher conference.  It will be chance for us to meet, and discuss your child’s first few weeks of school.  A sign-up sheet will be put up in front of the classroom.  Please sign your name in the time slot that is most convenient for you.  I look forward to seeing all of you.

                                                                                  Best Regards, 
                                                                                  Ms. Marizon