Monday, 7 December 2015

Letter 14 (2015-2016)

8 December 2015
Dear Parents,
                   Happy Father’s Day.  Hope you all had a great time celebrating Father’s Day together.  Did all the fathers receive lots of hugs and kisses from your little ones?  
                   Last week we ended our topic on “In the Garden” by talking about minibeasts.  The last minibeasts that we talked about was the spider.  We compared spiders to insects and saw that spiders had eight legs while insects had six legs.  We looked at pictures of different kinds of spiders and saw that spiders came in different sizes and different colours.  We then looked at pictures of spider webs and saw that some webs could be really big.  We then made our spider’s web by threading wool in and out of holes on paper plates and made our spiders by crumpling paper in black paint to make a ball before cutting out strips of paper to make the legs.  In the writing centre, we drew lines to make a spider’s web and wrote our father’s day card.  We had to decide which word we wanted to use to address our father whether it would be ‘por’ in Thai, ‘papa’, ‘daddy’ or ‘dad’.  Everybody could tell which word we usually use to call our fathers at home. 
                   Last week we also spent a lot of our time practicing our Christmas show with the other classes on stage.  We got better and better each day.  However, being so little, nobody will ever know what will happen on the day.  Please be reminded to bring in a green shirt and a brown pair of shorts, trousers or a skirt some time this week.  It can be green and brown of any shade.  We will be using the clothes for our performance next week.  
                   As this week is a very short week, we will be spending most of our time practicing our Christmas show with the other classes and making Christmas gifts and decorations.  Please note that this Thursday December 10 is a public holiday for Constitution Day.   School will be opened as normal on Friday December 11. 

                                                                             Best Regards,