Sunday, 29 May 2016

Letter 31

30 May 2016
Dear Parents,
                   We certainly had a rather quiet week last week with the children taking turns being away from school.  It may be the change of weather from being so hot to having rain. 
          We ended our topic on Water Transportation by talking about submarines.  We learned that submarines were very special as they could go under the water unlike boats and ships which could only float on water.  We looked at pictures of submarines and were excited to know that submarines could take people down under the sea to look at the fish and other sea creatures.  We listened to a song about a submarine and looked at pictures of rooms inside a submarine.  In the art centre, we made submarines from tissue paper rolls, coloured paper and straw.  In the discovery centre we talked about sink and float.  We floated the sail boats that we had made and tried hard to be gentle once we saw what could happen when our friend threw the sail boat into the tub water.  We then tried putting different items into the tub to find out which one would float and which one would sink.  In the math centre, we looked at shapes and used shapes of different sizes to make our vehicle tangram puzzles.  We had to choose either to make a rocket, helicopter or boat.  Some of us only wanted to do one while others wanted to do all three.  Of course some found it to be more challenging than others especially the younger ones.  However, they did get to explore different shapes.  Our trip to Safari World went really well.  We certainly missed our friends who couldn’t join us.  We had lots of questions to ask along the way to and back from the zoo.  We saw many kinds of vehicles and tried to name them all.  Some of us even saw train tracks and boats.  We even played an ‘I Spy’ game by looking for vehicles of different colours.  We were all excited to see the animals especially the tigers and bears.  We were lucky enough to also see the peacock spread out its feather.  Unfortunately we did not see any lions and crocodiles as we had hoped for.
          This week we will be starting our new theme on shops and the post office.  If you have any empty boxes such as cereal boxes or other product boxes to help us set up a shop in our classroom. 
                                                                             Best Regards,
                                                                             Ms. Marizon


Sunday, 22 May 2016

Letter 30

23 May 2016
Dear Parents,
                   Did you have a good time during the three day long weekend?  Every time you go somewhere or do something, the children certainly like to talk about it.  Some can tell more than others, while some like to talk about the trip they remembered from long time ago.  Wherever you go or just staying home, your children certainly love spending time with you.
          Last week we ended our discussion on air transportation by talking about rockets, spaceships and astronauts.  We listened to a song and watched a short clip about space and were excited to see the stars, planets and moon in space.  We pretended to fly in a rocket to go to the moon.  Some of us even said that they’d been to the moon!  In the art centre, we made our own rocket.  Cutting strips of paper along the narrow lines was quite hard, but with help we all managed quite well.  For Cooking, we made a corn dog rocket with puff pastry, sausage and cheese.  We all had fun rolling the puff pastry dough into a snake shape, and tried to stretch it as long as we could.  We then attached a piece of cheese in a triangle shape at the top.  We couldn’t help but fly our rockets when we finished making it.  Unfortunately there was a mishap when the corn dogs were being baked and so we couldn’t take them home to share with you. 
          Later on in the week, we started to talk about water transportation.  We looked at different kinds of boats and found that some boats had engines that could help them move fast, while others had to be maneuvered by people.  In the Math centre we counted popsicle sticks to make a raft and in the art centre we painted row boats to put on our salt painting which was the sea. 
          This week we will continue to talk about some other kinds of water transportation such as ships and submarines.  We will also be talking about sinking and floating.  If you haven’t sent back the form for Safari World, please do so.  We will be leaving the school around 8.30 this Friday morning.  Please try to arrive at school by 8.15 so that the children will have a chance to get ready before we leave. 
                                                                             Best Regards,

                                                                             Ms. Marizon

Monday, 16 May 2016

Letter 29

16 May 2016
Dear Parents,
          As term 3 passes by, it is nice to see all our new students settling down.  There has been less tears, more smiles, and all our new students have been participating in all sorts of activities.
          Last week we talked about sky transportation.  We looked at different kinds of sky transportation and how they operate.  First we talked about hot air balloons.  We looked at pictures of hot air balloons, and learned that they did not have engines but floated in the sky with the hot air from the fire being lit.  Although they could not fly as fast as planes, it was one way people used for traveling from place to place before planes were used as the main sky transportation.  In the art centre, we painted our hot air balloons with water colour.  We then used real balloons to paint pictures.  In Music we danced with balloons to the sound of music.  We had to try to balance the balloons in the air without making them fall.  Although it was hard, we all tried.  Later on in the week we talked about helicopters.  We talked about the different parts of a helicopter, and pretended to be a helicopter by moving our bodies like one.  We compared helicopters to airplanes, and found that the moved quite differently.  Last of all we talked about airplanes.  We were very excited to talk about airplanes as most of us were accustomed to it or had had the experience to fly on one.  We turned our classroom into an airport, pretended to buy tickets, getting our boarding passes and boarded a plane.  We learned that there are many people working on a plane whether it’s the pilot, air hostess or steward.   We took turns being the pilot sitting in the cockpit flying the plane.  We listened to the real sound of a plane taking off and landing, and decided where we wanted to take our friends.  Some of us were really creative coming up with unusual places such as going to the volcano or going to see dinosaurs. 
                   This week we will be ending our discussion on air transportation by talking about rockets and spaceships.  We will then move on to talk about water transportation.  Just a reminder that school will be closed this Friday 20 May for Visakha Bucha Day. 
                                                                                       Best Regards,

                                                                                      Ms. Marizon

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Letter 28

9 May 2016
Dear Parents,
           For the past two weeks, we have been looking at land transportation. 
          The week before we talked about different parts of a car.  We were very excited when we got to go out to see a real car.  We looked around the car and saw the side mirror, lights, tail lights, wipers, doors, etc.  Then we went into the car, and took turns sitting in the driver’s seat and the passenger seat.  When we sat in the driver’s seat, we all tried to turn the steering wheel this and that way, and tooted the horn.  We learned the function of the steering wheel, and brakes. After that we got a chance to ride in the golf car up and down the path.  It was fun.  We pointed to the things we saw along the way.  Some of us enjoyed the ride very much and asked to go again and again. 
Then we talked about trains.  We pretended to go to the train station to ride on a train.  We learned the names of people working at a train station and their jobs such as the train driver, ticket collecter, station master. We took turns being passengers buying tickets and being the driver driving the train.  We chose places where we wanted to go such as the mountain, beach, zoo, etc. In the art centre, we painted tissue boxes to make our own train.  We learned that there are different kinds of trains such as a passenger train and a freight train.  We also learned that there’s the train engine and the carriages to carry people. 
          Later on we talked about road signs and traffic signals.  We pretended to ride in cars and played a game of stop and go with the red light and the green light.  We had to learn to look and listen to the instructions of stopping and going.   Some of us found it to be quite hard as we mainly wanted to run.  We also talked about land, water, and air transportation, and in the Math centre we sorted out land, water and air transportation.  Some of us still found sorting the vehicles to be a bit hard. 
          This week we will start to talk about air transportation.  Most of us are accustomed to airplanes.  We will be talking about the airport, people working with planes and different kinds of air transportation.  It should be another fun week for all of us. 
                                                                             Best Regards,

                                                                             Ms. Marizon