Monday, 28 August 2017

Letter 1 (2017-18)

28 August 2017
Dear Parents,
          As it was the first week of school last week, and the first time for some of the children to come to school and be away from their love ones, it was certainly a time to let all the children settle down, and feel most comfortable being at school and getting to know the teachers and their new friends.  Of course some of our new students started off with a few tears when mummy or daddy had to leave.  However, by Friday, the tears became less and there were more smiles.  It will not be surprising if the tears come back again today as the children were home with you during the weekend.
          Apart from getting to know the classroom, and adjust to the new environment, we spent our time last week painting our photo albums, our art portfolio which we will be taken home at the end of the school year, and making handprints to mark our start of the school year.  We slowly added new activities each day, and by Friday we were ready to have our first circle time.  Some of us chose to spend time painting on the easel in the art centre, while others chose to play with play dough, look at books or work with manipulatives.  We had a great time during water play.  Some of us were a bit reluctant to go into the pool, but changed our minds when we saw the watering cans and water pumps.     
This week we will start our discussion on our family.  We will first talk about our immediate family and the words we use to call people in our family.  Please send in photos of your child with his/her family so that we can talk about the members in our family.  The photos will then be put into our photo albums while we are at school. Also if you haven’t sent back the questionnaire, I would appreciate if you could please send it back to me sometime this week. 
On Thursday the 31st of August will be the school’s parent-orientation day.  As some of the Nursery children go home at twelve, I would like to invite you to come and visit the classroom at 11:30 – 12:00 during the children’s lunch break.  As the children will certainly be excited to see you, please wait until the children have left the classroom to go for lunch before coming into the classroom.  For parents whose children stay for day care, you are welcome to come in at 11:30 or at 15:20 for the whole school before coming to visit the classroom. 
                                                                                       Best Regards,
                                                                                       Ms. Marizon