Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Letter 5 (2017-18)

25 September 2017
Dear Parents,
               It was quite a busy week last week.  In the classroom we started our new topic on clothes, and in school, we did activities for STEM week which stands for “Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.”                        
               As for STEM, it was quite a fun learning experience for all of us.  Our Nursery class did STEM activities in our classroom and in KG.  In the Nursery class we talked about the force of pushing, and experimented through pendulum art.  We all love to sit on the swing, but as we are still learning to pump our legs, we usually still need somebody to push the swing for us.  Hence, we started our experiment by swinging on the swing.  We could tell our friends whether we wanted to go fast or slow.  We then experimented pushing the swings by ourselves and discovered that when we pushed hard the swing went fast, and when we pushed gently, the swing went slow.  We then applied the idea to our pendulum art by swinging the cup of paint.  We tied the cup with a long, medium and short piece of string, and then swung it either hard or gently.  We notice the various paint patterns that appeared on the paper.  Some of us exclaimed that it looked like rain drops!   Later on in the week we visited the KG class and made shake bottles with oil and water.  We got to measure and pour the ingredients by ourselves.  We shook and shook our bottles but no matter how hard we shook the oil and water would only mix for a short time before separating from each other again.   
               In the classroom we also started to talk about clothes.  We started our topic by talking about clothes that we wear every day.  We learned that different kinds of clothes have different names, and even clothes that look the same can be called differently in different countries.  As we had made our body dolls earlier in the month, it was now the time to put clothes on them.  Hence, we had to decide whether we wanted our body doll to wear a shirt, blouse, trousers, shorts, skirt or dress.  By the end of the week we talked about clean and dirty clothes, and learned that when clothes were dirty, they needed to be washed, and ironed before being put back into the wardrobe.  We learned that clothes can either be washed by hand or in a washing machine, and this week during Sensory Play, we will be washing clothes and hanging the clothes up to dry.
               This week we will talk about clothes for a hot day.  If you have any summer clothes or accessories such as sunglasses, hats, fans, that we can use for dressing up please bring them in.   We will return them to you at the end of the week.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Best Regards,
                                                                                            Ms. Marizon

Monday, 18 September 2017

Letter 4 (2017-18)

            18 September 2017

Dear Parents,
          Last week we had less rain than the previous weeks, and so the children had a chance to go for water play again.  They were so happy when they could go into the pool to splash and pour water.  The ones who could not play water got to play sand and also enjoyed themselves very much.  We also got to play in the playground, and enjoyed playing on the swing and going up and down the slide very much.    
We had a great time last week learning about our feelings.  We learned to identify different kinds of feelings and the words that are used to describe different kinds of feelings.  We focused on feeling happy, sad, angry, silly, surprised, and sleepy.  We read many books which showed characters having different kinds of feelings.  We then tried to link those feelings to ourselves.  We looked in the mirror and made different facial expressions, before singing songs about feelings.  One of the books we read was “Glad Monster, Sad Monster.”  After we listed to this story, we made our own monsters.  We came up with our own decision in choosing the eyes, nose and mouth to make our monsters that would best suit the feeling we want.  In the math centre, we looked at pictures of people with different feelings before identifying and sorting them into groups.  Some of us did a great job sorting them out.  After being able to identify different feelings, we discussed that sometimes the same activity such as having a haircut can make people have different feeling.  After some thought we could imagine how we would feel, before we cut the hair on our face doll.   During the week we also made s’mores sandwich.  We got to practice counting one and two when we got the ingredients to put on the biscuits.  Of course we wanted to eat the chocolates and marshmallows right away.
This week we will start to talk about clothes.  We will start with our everyday clothes, summer clothes and accessories.  This week is also STEM week, and we will be doing some science experiments in our Nursery class and in the KG class.  On Friday afternoon, EY and Key Stage 1 will be putting our experiments up on display. Please come and visit our experiments and see what we have learned.   
Best Regards,

                                                                      Ms. Marizon

Monday, 11 September 2017

Letter 3 (2017-18)

11 September 2017

Dear Parents,
          Thank you for the family photos that you have sent.  We have been taking turns showing our family photos to our friends.  Some of us could tell who the people in the photos were, while others preferred to look at the photos by themselves.  Ever since the photos were put in the albums, we have had many discussions about the photos.    
Last week we continued our discussion on people in our family.  We talked about grandfathers, grandmothers, aunts and uncles.  Unless it was one’s aunt or uncle, most of us found it rather hard to identify pictures of aunts and uncles as they look similar to fathers and mothers.  Grandparents were of course easier to identify.  In the math centre, we sorted and matched pictures of family members.  In the art centre we glued family member dolls that we had made earlier on our house picture which are now up on the board in the classroom.  We enjoy opening the doors and windows of our houses to look for the hidden family members. 
Last week we also talked about rooms in the house.  We started with the bedroom and bathroom.  After looking at pictures of items found in the bathroom, we visited our own bathroom and talked about using the toilet.  We then talked about keeping clean and taking care of our teeth. We learned how to wash our hands properly and how to brush our teeth.  As some of our friends were absent from school last week, we will continue to talk about keeping clean this week, and will be practicing brushing our teeth a few more times.   In the art centre, we did toothbrush painting.  Instead of using a paint brush to paint our tooth shape piece of paper, we used a toothbrush. Did you see our “apple teeth?”  We made it in Cooking.  Some of us couldn’t resist but eat a few pieces of apple before starting to make the “apple teeth” while the ones who love marshmallow tried to put lots of marshmallow on the apple till there was no more space.   
Later on in the week we talked about the kitchen.  We visited the kitchen to see the different appliances. We learned the function of the different appliances. We also looked at different cooking utensils such as pots, pans, spatulas, ladles, etc.  After observing the masher, we used the masher to make masher prints in the art centre.  We had fun printing different colours on the paper and noticed how the design appeared.  We have now put the pictures up on the board in the classroom.  We also looked at baking utensils such as measuring cups, measuring spoons, rolling pins, and mixing bowls.  In the math centre, we compared the sizes of the mixing bowls.  After looking at rolling pins, we used the texture rolling pins to make prints. 
This week we will continue to talk about keeping clean and start to talk about our feelings.  Don’t be surprised if your child goes home making funny faces as we will certainly be exploring different facial expressions. 
Best Regards,

Ms. Marizon