Sunday, 3 December 2017

Letter 14 (2017-18)

4 December 2017
Dear Parents,
          December is here, and we are now approaching the end of term one.  Time certainly flies.  It was only a few months ago when the children started to come to Nursery. 
          Last week we continued to talk about the postman and his work.  We looked at letters, writing paper, envelopes and stamps.  We read stories about sending and receiving letters, and the book we liked the most was called “Dear Santa”.  Hence, to coordinate the postman with Christmas, we chose the letter paper that we thought Santa Claus would like and wrote our letter to Santa Claus.  As we are still very little, we decided to dictate what we wanted to tell Santa to Ms. Marizon to write.  We then thought of the items that we would like Santa to bring to us.  Some of us knew immediately while others looked at pictures in books before deciding.  Our letters to Santa will be put on the board in front of the Music Room, so please inform Santa to come and take a peep!  
          Last week we also spent nearly every morning practicing for our Christmas show.  It was our first time to be on the big stage in the Lily Theatre, and some of us felt a bit lost being up there.  Hopefully, we would all get used to it, and will be able to perform for you next week. We also spent our time making many Christmas decorations which we will use to decorate the classroom and the stage for our Christmas show. 
          This week we will be spending our time practicing with the other classes for our Christmas show and will continue to make Christmas crafts to decorate our classroom and to take home.  Tomorrow Tuesday 5th is a public holiday, school will resume on Wednesday 6th December.  The Christmas concert will be held on Tuesday the 12th of December, and on the 15th we will be having our Christmas party and meet a special guest from the north pole.  A sign-up sheet for party food will be put up in front of the classroom.  Please sign-up so that we can have a variety of food, dessert and drinks. 
                                                                                 Best Wishes,

                                                                                 Ms. Marizon