Monday, 12 November 2018

Letter 11 (2018-19)

12 November 2018

Dear Parents,
Thank you for sending different kinds of vegetables for Show and Tell last week.  It was certainly a big success.  By showing their favourite vegetables to their friends, many children who normally refuses to eat vegetables for lunch, all tried different kinds of vegetables for the first time.  The children then discovered that some of the vegetables did not taste as bad as they thought. 
Last week, we emphasized on looking at green vegetables, and vegetables that grow above the ground.  We learned that vegetables can have different names.  We looked at broccoli, cucumber, peas, cabbage, okra, lettuce, and so on.  We compared courgette to cucumber and although they looked similar, they tasted very different.  We then used the courgette, peas and carrots to make a vegetable and egg muffin.  We tried hard to get the peas out of their pods.   
  After observing the green vegetables in the Discovery centre, we then used these vegetables to make vegetable prints. We saw that different kinds of vegetables can produce different kinds of prints.  Most of us loved to print with okra as the prints looked like little stars.  On the hand some of us liked to make prints with broccoli as the prints looked like trees.  In the art centre we made beautiful pictures from the salad spinner.  Instead of painting with paintbrushes, we squeezed different colours of paint from squeeze bottles in the salad spinner before spinning it as hard as we could.  We were so surprised to see our pictures when we opened the lid.  We enjoyed this activity very much.  Although spinning the salad spinner required us to use our strength, it was fun, and we wanted to do it over again and again.
This week we will be talking about vegetables that come in colours other than green and vegetables that grow under the ground such as carrots, turnips and potatoes.  We will also be talking about beans and will be planting beans.    
                                                                                      Best Regards,
                                                                                      Ms. Marizon

Sunday, 4 November 2018

Letter 10 (2018-19)

5 November 2018
Dear Parents,
          November has arrived, and we have had some nice cool weather this past week.  To enjoy the weather, we spent more time in the outside playground.  The children played on all the play equipment and observed the trees, plants and mini beasts around us.  Hopefully this nice weather will last for a long time.
Last week we learned about eggs.  We learned that eggs are body building food which can help us grow.  We looked at different kinds of eggs, and learned that we can get eggs from chickens, ducks, and birds.  We compared the eggs and found that duck eggs were the largest and quail eggs were the smallest. In the math centre, we used real eggs to sort out big and small. We also did one-on-one correspondence egg counting.  During the week we learned that eggs could be cooked in different ways.  We were each given an egg and we could decide whether we wanted to make a fried egg or an omelette.  In Cooking, we boiled eggs to make egg sandwiches.  We tried to peel the shell off the egg.  It was hard, but we tried our best.  Some of us only had half an egg left!  We all loved the egg cutter.  We tried to manipulate the cutter so as to make the egg split into pieces.  We then had an egg survey to find out which egg we liked the most.  It was a tie between omelette and fried egg with boiled egg getting the least votes. In the manipulative centre, we pounded egg shells and used the shells to make “Humpty Dumpty.” We enjoyed singing the song and dropping our Humpty Dumpty doll on the ground!  We also learned that eggs could be painted to make ornaments, and so we dyed our boiled eggs to make dinosaur eggs.  We ended our discussion on eggs by going on an egg hunt.  We were so surprised to find all sort of eggs.  There were even enormous dinosaur eggs! 
This week and next week we will talk about vegetables.  We will start with green vegetables and vegetables that grow above the ground.  Please let your child bring in a small portion of his/her favourite vegetable to show and share with his/her friends.  We will be having a vegetable survey to find out which kind of vegetable that we like the most. 
                                                                                      Best Regards,
                                                                                      Ms. Marizon