Sunday, 16 September 2018

Letter 4 (2018-19)

17 September 2018
Dear Parents,
          Last week we talked about our ears. We looked at our ears, and counted our ears. We learned that we use our ears to hear sounds.  We tried to be quiet to listen to sounds around us.  One of the sounds we heard was the sound of music.  We practiced our listening skills by playing ‘drawing musical freeze.’  We had to listen to the music and when the music stopped, we had to sit down and draw pictures on the big piece of paper which was on the table. It was fun. Some of us did not want to stop moving around, while others just wanted to draw. To be able to listen and stop when one should is a listening skill that requires practice and can be quite hard for most of us.  We learned that musical instruments are used for playing music. We played with different musical instruments and made lots of sounds with them. We tried to make loud and soft sounds, and of course all of us preferred to make loud noises.  In the art centre, we made shakers, and handheld drums which we can later on play with. 
We also looked at ears of different kinds of animal ears. We looked at pictures of ears and tried to match them to that animal. In the art centre, we made animal ears head bands to wear. We also played sound guessing games. We listened to sounds of items that we can hear around the house, such as the sound of the vacuum cleaner, alarm clock, hair dryer, etc. We found sounds around the house harder to identify when compared to animal sounds.  In Cooking, we made banana milk shake, and got startled when we heard the sound of the blender go whoosh! We didn’t take our milk shake home but drank it right away.
This week we will be talking about our nose, and we will be smelling different kinds of fragrances. If you have any flowers at home with some nice smell or any other items that have a unique fragrance, please let your child bring some to school to share with his/her friends.  This week is also STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) week, we will be exploring with some science activities.  The detail for STEM week can be found in the letter which was sent home on Friday.  If you have time, please drop in at 2.20 pm this Friday 21 September to visit the different science experiments from the EY and KS1 classrooms. Please also note that Monday September 24 is closed for a one-day quarter term break.                                                                                                                                                       Best Regards,
                                                                                       Ms. Marizon

Monday, 10 September 2018

Letter 3 (2018-19)

10 September 2018

Dear Parents,
Last week we continued to talk about our hair.  We looked at pictures of people with long and short hair. We then tried to identify and sort out pictures of people with short or long hair.  We also talked about people with different hair texture such as people with straight hair and curly hair. 
After talking about our head and hair, we were ready to talk about our face. We first started with our eyes. We learned that our eyes help us to see and so we looked at so many things around us.  We looked into the mirror to look at our eyes, and looked at pictures of children with different eye colours.  We played “I spy with my little eyes”, and when a word was said, we had to look for that object.  We were really good at finding these items.  Then we pretended to close our eyes to find out whether we would be able to see anything.  Most of us couldn’t resist opening an eye to see whether anything was going on.  We also looked through the binoculars and observed the world around us.  In the art centre, we made binoculars and this week we will take our binoculars outdoors to look at things around us.  During the week, we talked about how our eyes could see different colours. We looked at different items and tried to name their colours. We also looked through plastic sheets of different colours, and saw the world around us turn into pink, yellow, green, blue, red and so on.  After that we made sun catchers with cellophane and sticker sheets.  All of us loved this activity very much.  Our butterfly sun catchers are now displayed on the classroom door and windows. For sensory play we read a story called “Monster Eyes” before making faces by sticking googly eyes onto the play dough.  Some of us put lots of eyes to make a monster face!  In Cooking we made a face with corn cake thins.  We were so excited to see the M&M and chocolate chips.  Hence, we made one to take home and one to eat.  Our faces were certainly covered in chocolate and peanut butter once we started to eat!
             This week we will be talking about our ears.  We will be listening to different sounds that we can hear around us.  We will be listening to the sounds of appliances and sounds in nature. 
                                                                                    Best Regards,  
                                                                                                    Ms. Marizon