Sunday, 18 March 2018

Letter 24 (2017-18)

19 March 2017
Dear Parents,
          Thank you again for all the flowers that the second group has brought to our class last week.  We had flowers such as orchids, hibiscus, and frangipanis from the garden; and mums from the market.  The flowers have certainly brighten up and given a soft touch to the classroom.  We loved arranging the flowers into different size vases. 
          As part of our garden and minibeast theme, we have been going out into the garden to look for minibeast.  We started by talking about insects.  The first insects we looked at were caterpillars, and butterflies.  We read stories about caterpillars turning into butterflies.  However, we still haven’t really grasped the idea of caterpillars turning into butterflies.  So in the art centre, we made caterpillars from clothe pegs.  We counted the number of pom-pom balls that we could fit on the clothe pegs.  After that we wound wool around the toilet rolls to make the butterflies’ chrysalis; we put our caterpillars inside and let them go to sleep during the weekend.  Today to our surprise, we took the caterpillars out from their chrysalis, and they had turned into butterflies.  We were so excited to see this change.   We also talked about flies and mosquitoes.  We talked about how flies can carry germs with them.  In the art centre, we used the fly squatter to make art pieces.  We all had fun hitting the fly squatter on the paper.  Some of us could hardly stop hitting. 
As last week we also had “Pi Day” we spent some time exploring circles.   We played and sang circle game songs.  Together we tried making big and small circles.  To celebrate Pi Day, in Cooking we made circle peach pies.  We observed how we could use a round bowl to cut a rectangle piece of dough into circles.  We enjoyed cutting the peaches into small pieces and wanted to taste them right away.    
          This week we will continue to talk about bees, dragonflies and ladybirds.  We will also be looking at ground insects such as ants, grasshoppers and crickets.  There should certainly be lots of jumping around this week.
                                                                                               Best Regards,

                                                                                               Ms. Marizon

                                       FIELD TRIP

Please be reminded that our class will be going on a field trip to Wanatam Park this Thursday 22 March.  Please arrive at school by 8.15.  Let your child wear their house t-shirts, diaper, comfortable shoes and bring a hat to school.  Please also send in your child’s water bottle.

Letter 23 (2017-18)

12 March 2018
Dear Parents,
                    Thank you for all the beautiful flowers that you had sent.  They have certainly brighten up our room.  The children took turns showing the flowers to their friends.  We had flowers from the garden and from the shop which gave the children an opportunity to consider their answer before answering where they got their flowers. 
                    Therefore, last week all our activities circled round flowers.  We read many stories about flowers and the garden; and looked at pictures of different kinds of flowers.  We learned that flowers come in different kinds of colours, shapes, and sizes.  We also learned that different flowers have different names; and that flowers could grow on the ground or in trees.  We looked at different parts of a flower such as the centre, petals, stem and leaf.  In the art centre we got to make flowers by using different kinds of materials.  When talking about sunflowers, we made sunflower from paper plates. Some of us said that it looked like the sun.  We looked at real carnations, and made our carnations by dropping drops of water colour on the paper towel.  We enjoyed this activity very much and made so many flowers, which we have made into carnations, and flower blossoms for our classroom door and window.  In the math centre, we counted flowers.  We certainly had fun counting the flowers as they were made from popsicle sticks, and we could insert them into the holes on the egg carton.  For some of us who were not interested in counting the flowers, we got to practice using our fine motor skills.  In the Discovery Centre, we smelled different kinds of flowers and arranged them in vases as we learned that flowers need water to stay fresh.  It was also a math activity, as we had to estimate how much water we needed to pour without spilling the water.  It taught us to be observant and to be careful.   
                    This week we will start to talk about insects.  We will be focusing on insects that can fly such as butterflies, bees, dragonflies, mosquitos and flies.  This Wednesday is “PI Day” and we will be doing many activities with circles. 

                                                                                       Best Regards,
                                                                                       Ms. Marizon

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Letter 22 (2017-18)

                                                                                                                5 March 2018

Dear Parents,
          All the children certainly settled back in well after the break.  There were a few tears on the first day back, but after that everybody remembered school and were happy to be back.
          On our first week back, we started our class discussion on our new theme “In the Garden”.  We started by looking at pictures of different kinds of gardens and saw that there are different kinds of gardens such as a vegetable garden, a rock garden, a flower garden, etc.  We then went for walk to look at the garden in the school.  We ran up and down happily in the garden, and tried to identify the things that we could see around us.  We saw grass, leaves, trees, flowers and birds.  When we saw the pigeons, we were so excited and couldn’t help but run after them.  We also found a small snail, and took turns holding it in our hands.  We were not afraid at all and some of us even said that it was ticklish!  We also collected leaves and grass which we have put in our discovery centre to explore during the next few weeks.  During our walk, we met the school’s gardener which led us into our discussion about the work done by gardeners. We then looked at the tools used by gardeners.  We explored different gardening tools, learned their names, and what they were used for.  In the art centre, we made different gardening tools to put in our gardening tool box. 
          During the week, we focused on the grass on the lawn.  We brought grass back to the classroom and compared different kinds of grass.  We learned that many brooms are made from dried grass.  During Sensory Play, we painted pictures of grass by using a real broom!  We also snipped green pieces of paper to make the grass for our flower garden which is now on our small world table in the classroom.          
          This week we will be looking at trees and flowers.  We will be looking at different kinds of trees and flowers, parts of a tree and parts of a flower; and colours of flowers.  I would like to ask you to please bring in some flowers from home for us to look at and to do flower arrangement.  They can either be flowers from your garden or a bunch of flower from the market. 
                                                                                Best Regards, 
Ms. Marizon