Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Letter 20 (2017-18)

                                                                                                          12 February 2018
Dear Parents,
          It was nice to see all of you last Thursday for our Early Years and KS 1 Sports Day.  The children certainly enjoyed themselves.  They were so proud when they got their medals and some of the children did not want to take their medals off.   
Last week we continued to talk about the farm.  We visited the sheep and goat and found them to look quite alike.  We learned that sheep give us wool.  To have an understanding that we get wool from sheep, we had a picture of a big sheep which we could pull wool from it.  We then read books and saw pictures of sheep being sheered and pretended to be sheep having wool sheered from our bodies.  We learned that wool is used to make clothes especially woolen clothes.  We compared wool to wooden blocks and found the blocks to be hard.  We then practiced sorting out hard and soft items.  When looking at goats, we learned that in many countries, people also make clothes from goat’s wool.  We read stories about goats and found them to be an amazing animal as they could climb very high mountains and could even climb trees!
          This week at Charter, we are celebrating “One World Week.”  It is a week when we will be talking and celebrating the country where we are born, the country where we are living in and other countries around the world.  If you have time and would like to sign up to read a story or cook a recipe from your country, please sign up on the sheet in front of the classroom. 


Friday 16 February
“Gong Xi Fa Cai”, Happy Chinese New Year to all.  To celebrate Chinese New Year, please let your child dress up in a Chinese costume to school this Friday.

Next week will be our half-term break.  School will resume on Monday 26 February.
                                                                                                Best regards,
                                                                                                Ms. Marizon  

Sunday, 4 February 2018

Letter 19 (2017-18)

5 February 2018
Dear Parents,
          Last week we had lots of fun learning about poultry farms.  Poultry farm, is quite a big word for the children, and so we chose to call it “chicken farm” as it was more understandable to all of us.  We looked at pictures of chickens and learned that a daddy chicken is called a rooster, a mummy chicken is called a hen and a baby chicken is called a chick.  After that when some of us saw pictures of chickens, we would call them mummy or daddy!   When learning about chickens and ducks, we saw that chickens and ducks have feathers.  We then played with feathers by touching and blowing.  We observed that feathers were light and that we could blow them here and there depending on how strong we blew.  Instead of normal paintbrushes, in the art centre, we made paintbrushes from chicken feather and painted with them.  It certainly felt different from the normal paintbrushes.  We also glued feathers on our chicken and duck pictures.  Later on in the week, we talked about eggs.  We looked at pictures of eggs that come from hens, ducks, and birds. We then observed real eggs and compared them with fake ones.  We noticed that the real ones were heavier. We learned that we could cook eggs in many ways such as fried egg, omelette, boiled egg, steamed egg, etc.  Each day we cooked or tried different kinds of eggs.  We had lots of fun practicing cracking and beating the eggs to make our banana and egg pancakes.  We also boiled and peeled eggs when we made hard-boiled eggs. 
Even those who did not normally eat eggs at lunchtime, could not help but try.  In the math centre, we practiced one-on-one correspondence by putting the eggs in the egg carton one by one.  We also practiced counting the eggs. 
          This week we will be talking about sheep, goats and pigs.  Please be reminded that this Thursday is Early Years and KS1 Sports Day.  The children should come to school in their house t-shirts and trainers.  Please arrive at school by 8.15.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Best Regards,

                                                                                                Ms. Marizon