Sunday, 30 September 2018

Letter 6 (2018-19)

1 October 2018

Dear Parents,
          Thank you very much for sending in different items for the children to see and touch.  We had many interesting items.  Some were smooth, some were bumpy and some were rubbery.  We also read a few “Touch and Feel” books which captured our interest as we could touch the different textures in the book. 
During the week we looked at our hands and counted our hands, fingers and thumbs.  We sang many songs about our hands, and made various actions with our hands. We talked about the function of our hands. We then used our hands to hold and manipulate different mechanism.  To understand what our hands can do and feel, we touched various textures.  As there are so many different kinds of textures around us, we started by exploring soft, hard and prickly items.  We touched different kinds of fabric, soft items such as cotton wool, pom pom balls, soft animal toys, etc.  For prickly items we played with little prickly balls which could also be connected together to make structures.  We also touched toothpicks and the tip of a fork, and found them to be very prickly.  Some of us said “ouch” when we touched them.  In the art centre, we used our hands and fingers to mix and play with paint on the table and made handprints.  It was fun and most of us did not want to stop.  We observed that when different colours were mixed together, it could change into another colour!  Later on in the week, we made a texture book which comprises of pictures of animals made from different kinds of materials.  We started our book by making rabbits from cotton wool, and porcupines from toothpicks.  In Cooking we made play dough from scratch all by ourselves.  We were really proud of ourselves.  We chose our favourite colour then measured, mixed and kneaded our playdough till it was nice and soft.  We couldn’t help but sat down and played with our warm and colourful play dough right away.  Making our play dough also led us to talk about feeling hot as we had to use hot water to make our play dough. 
This week we will continue to talk about other textures, and our feet.   We will also be comparing humans to animals to observe whether animals also have hands and feet like humans.  We will also be exploring items that are hot and cold.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Best Regards,
                                                                             Ms. Marizon

Monday, 24 September 2018

Letter 5 (2019-19)

25 September 2016
Dear Parents,
          We had a very busy week last week as our class participated in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) week.  We looked at one of our favourite outdoor play equipment, the slide.  We experimented and noticed that we could go faster when we slid down than when we climbed up.  Then we tried making our own slides with blocks in the classroom.  We made comparisons to observe how the balls would roll when we built a tall slide and a low slide.  We also played with marble runs and experimented dropping the balls from different heights, and estimating where the balls will drop.  We made marble mazes and had fun tilting the box this and that way to get the ball to roll into the colour that we wanted.           
Thank you for sending items in for the children to smell for our discussion about our noses.  After reading books about noses and saw that there were different kinds of noses, and that animals also had nose, we learned that noses were not only for breathing but also for smelling. We proved it by smelling different fragrances.  We were all excited to show the items with different fragrances that we had brought from home. Some of us found some items such as flowers, perfume or vanilla to smell good while items such as ginger or all spice to be bad. On the other hand, some of us preferred fragrances found in food such as soya sauce and fish sauce!  As we had been smelling flowers, in the art centre, we made lots of flowers which this week we will glue cotton balls to be the centre of the flowers and chose the fragrance to put on them. Did you try the apple pie we made in Cooking? We rolled the dough and added apple, cinnamon and sugar.  After our pies were put in the oven, we could smell cinnamon all around the building.   It really made us feel hungry.
          This week we will be talking about our hands, and feet.  We will be using our hands to touch and feel different textures.  We will also be talking about the use of our hands and feet and how to take care of them.  For Show and Tell, please send items of different textures such as something soft, rough, prickly, silky, bumpy, sticky, etc. for the children to show to their friends.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Best Regards,
                                                                                      Ms. Marizon