Sunday, 25 November 2018

Letter 13 (2018-19)

26 November 2018

Dear Parents,
It was certainly a very busy week last week as in addition to our normal class activities, we also had our photos taken.  As we are still very small, the photographer had to work hard to persuade us to look at the camera.  Last week we also practiced our Christmas show on stage for the first time.  Some of us danced while some of us froze when we went on stage! 
Thank you for all the fruits that you had sent.  Every morning we looked at a different kind of fruit and tasted it.  Many of us took the risk of trying new kinds of fruits.  Although we did not eat it, we still put it in our mouths or just licked it.  Our hands were out to receive a new piece of fruit all the time.  Among the fruits we tasted were grapes, mango, pamelo, strawberry, apple, kiwi, starfruit lime and oranges.  We discovered that some fruits were sweet while others were sour.  We certainly made strange faces when we tasted kiwi, starfruit and lime. We looked at the different parts of a fruit and observed that we could eat the skin of some fruits while others we needed to peel the skin first.  In cooking we used fruits of different colours to make our colourful fruit salad.  We learned how to peel an orange, and observed the different parts of an orange.  We then squeezed the oranges to make orange juice.  We were fascinated by the juicer. We had to push hard to squeeze the juice out of the orange.  Some of us asked to squeeze several oranges.  In the art centre, we used different kinds of fruits to make fruit prints.  In the writing centre, we practiced drawing horizontal and vertical lines to make our fruit basket.  We then made circle prints on the grapes that we had chosen either to paint them purple or green. 
This week we will continue to look at other kinds of fruits.  We will be doing many activities around apples.  We will be looking at different parts, sizes, colours and shapes of apples.  We will also be looking at other red fruits such as a watermelon.  We will then discuss the outside and the inside of fruits.  As Christmas is approaching, this week we will also start making some Christmas art and craft pieces to decorate our classroom and our costumes.    
                                                                                      Best Regards,
                                                                                      Ms. Marizon

Sunday, 18 November 2018

Letter 12 (2018-19)

                                                                                                        19 November 2018
Dear Parents,
          We have been spending the last two weeks looking at different kinds of vegetables. We talked about planting vegetables, and tried planting beans. Some of us enjoyed planting the beans very much and planted several pots. We looked at vegetables that are green, and vegetables that come in other colours. According to the children, all vegetables were green, and so we were quite surprised to learn that vegetables could also be yellow, red, orange or even purple.  One of the vegetables we explored in depth was corn. We observed corn which was hidden inside its husk and felt puzzled not to see the corn we usually eat.  Hence, we carefully peeled off the husk and there it was the yellow corn that we knew. We then used the corn to do many things.  We used the corn to print out corn prints in paint and on play dough. We used its husk to also make prints to make our corn picture. We boiled corn and tasted it. We saw that corn could change its shape when made into popcorn.
          During the week we also focused on vegetables that grow under the ground.  We looked at pictures of potato, carrot, onion and turnip plants and we couldn’t guess what kind of vegetable it was.  We pretended that these vegetables were hiding, and that we needed to dig them up to look for them. We then went out to the sand pit to dig for potatoes and became very excited every time we found a potato.  We then scrubbed our potatoes and used them to make mashed potato.  It was fun.  We all tried to mash the potato hard so that it would become mushy.  In the art centre we used the potatoes and carrots to make prints.                                                                                          

Extra School Uniform and White Socks
On Wednesday 21 November 2018, please also arrive at school by 8 o’clock in the morning for the whole school photo shooting. As we will be having our individual and class photo taken on Thursday 22 November 2018, please send in an extra set of school uniform and a pair of white socks in case the children’s uniforms get dirty for any reason before the photo shooting. 
 Loy Krathong
On Thursday 22 November, we will
be making our krathongs for Loy Krathong Day.  If you have any flowers and leaves with hard stems in your garden, please bring some to our class so the children can use them to decorate their krathongs. 
          This week and next week we will be learning about fruits.  Please let your child bring his/her favourite fruit to share with his/her friends.

                        Christmas Show Costume

             For our Christmas show which will be held on Tuesday 11 December 2018, please provide a set of plain green t-shirt (preferably long sleeves) and plain brown trousers/leggings. 

                                                                                                 Best Regards,
                                                                                                Ms. Marizon

Note:  Last week Nursery had a little performance on "Taking Care of our Teeth" for the KG and Reception students to see.  Here's a video clip from our performance for you.  They all did a great job!  Enjoy.