Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Letter 22 (2018-19)

20 February 2019
Dear Parents,
          Welcome back after the half-term break. I hope you all had a great holiday.
          Before the break, we spent the whole week talking about Brazil and the animals in the rainforest. We pretended to go on a plane and fly to Brazil.  We saw pictures of the Brazilian flag, places and people. We looked at pictures of carnivals and saw that people dressed up in costumes to celebrate. We then made masks with feathers and pretended to dance the Samba dance. We also tried playing with a musical instrument called a pandeiro which is a type of hand frame drum popular in Brazil. We learned that football is the most popular sports in Brazil and tried on a Brazilian football team t-shirt and pretended to be in a football match.  Later on in the week, we left the city and visited the Amazon rain forest.  There were so many strange animals living in the rain forest such as the river dolphin, sloth, blue morpho butterfly, tree frog, jaguar, snakes and so on.  In the art centre we made many kinds of animals which we then put around the classroom in order to turn our classroom into the Amazon rainforest.  The two animals which we found most exciting were the anaconda and the piranha.  Every time we saw the piranha’s sharp teeth, we couldn’t help but put our fingers inside its mouth to pretend that it was biting us!  Although we felt that the Anaconda looked scary, we couldn’t help but feel amazed to see a snake being able to eat animals bigger than it.  In Cooking we looked at pictures of different kinds of Brazilian food and made our own pao de queijo which is a famous kind of cheese bun.  On International Day, everybody looked really lovely in their national costumes.  Apart from visiting Brazil in the Nursery class, we also got to visit Thailand, India and Greece.  We had fun playing games, tasting food and making crafts in these countries.
          This week we will start on our new theme on “Stories We Like”.  As next week is ‘World Literature Week’, please come and be our secret reader and read your child’s favourite book to the class.  Details about World Literature Week can be found in the letter for World Literature Week. 
Best Regards,
Ms. Marizon